Guangzhou to build a home care service platform for 80 years old and above the old man was granted

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Guangzhou to build a home care service platform for 80 years old and above the old man received subsidies Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: new express Guangzhou to deepen community opinion request new express reporter learned yesterday the implementation of pension service reform, Guangzhou recently issued the "implementation opinions of the general office of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government on deepening the reform of the community home-based care services" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clear to gradually build "10 minutes of community home-based care services ring". By 2020, the formation of community home-based care services system with the characteristics of Guangzhou, to provide daily care and help meal catering for the elderly at home, medical care, emergency rescue service for the aged. – the new express reporter Zhou Cong correspondent Rui India established service district nursing home guide platform is worth mentioning is that the "opinions" put forward in support of social forces to use "the planning of Guangzhou city pension services facility layout (2013-2020)" location plots community pension complex; support social forces to participate in community care service facilities, to encourage private capital for the integration of buildings, commercial facilities and other venues resources and transformation, for the community home care services; support idle public property priority for pension services, the implementation of targeted incentives for lease and rent for public housing community pension service. In order to straighten out the management system of community home-based care services, "opinions" clear the city, District, street (township), community home-based care services functions and duties of administrative organs and institutions, forming a city, District, street (township), community interaction management of community home-based care services management mechanism. "Opinions" requirements of the District Building Service District home care guidance platform, responsible for funding assessment of the district community home care services, supervision and management, and government purchase service object audit, evaluation, integration of all kinds of community service for the old resources, work guidance and supervision of home care service agencies. 80 years of age and older will receive subsidies, the implementation of opinions to actively guide social forces to participate in community home care services. On the one hand, and increase efforts to foster and support, and guide more health care, rehabilitation nursing, social work and other home-based care services to enterprises and institutions, and strive to build a number of community home-based care services leading enterprises and institutions. Set up the home care service network, which is based on the enterprise and the organization as the main body, the community as the link, to meet the needs of the elderly, to expand the service content, increase the service supply. On the other hand, integrate all resources endowment service government investment construction, reform of operation mode, operation and management of priority support all kinds of social subjects to participate in infrastructure construction, and improve the efficiency and quality of community home endowment service. Social forces to provide home care services, in line with the conditions, included in the scope of government procurement services. At the same time, in the original enjoyment of the government to buy home care services on the basis of the six types of objects, the new family planning for the elderly to help the elderly to buy community home care services, and the city’s household registration相关的主题文章: