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Fwsc: we do not exist for IP hot, now a little too hot – Beijing respondents: fwsc questionger: Liu Yaqi time: September 2016 respondents: fwsc, formerly known as Ai Jingjing, Hubei Province, Jingmen, Chinese well-known network writers, writers, known as the "the tragic days, many works become the drama adaptation of the popular IP tv. The main representative of "Qianshan Twilight snow" "lonely, empty court to late spring", "Liejin", "dream wedding day" etc.. The work of the same name by fwsc’s television adaptation of "love" switch, by Zhong Hanliang, Ying Er, starring Qiao Zhenyu, tells the story of a child heart BaiZhuanQianHui love story, released at the end of this year. 1 you are known as "tragic days" novels are quite "abuse", the theme of creation and creative style is formed? I want to say is, do not use the work to guess how the author is a person. I have written 22 novels, each of which is actually trying to keep up with a different, so in fact, each work, there will be a variety of differences and differences. For example, I have written a modern ancient background, writing background, writing in the background, even fantasy and science fiction, this is just the art creation, not necessarily what I write, I am in favor of what is. Such as writing background of ancient writers, they are in favor of the feudal monarchy? Of course not, the author only responsible for the story, a more sober view, on the sidelines of the story, the sequence of events said that, this is enough. In the first novel "in the online series, lotus" as an example, writing the novel when I was in the campus, relatively busy, read a lot of novels, on the initiation of an idea to write their own. Comparison of young age and so wanted to write an extremely cruel and merciless, "ruthless" novels, a bit like Asura, is actually very cruel. This novel is the most began to write in a thick notebook, then parents bought me a computer, because I want to practice typing, just put it on paper from a word to knock into the computer, after knocking has been used to practice document typesetting. Put a period of time before they sent to the internet. I don’t understand the network series, is directly put all the paste up, paste up a look also very good response, many people praise, but quickly the list, the result is good, and there was behind the creation of. 2 what do you usually have for inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere, such as walking in the street, I saw a girl eating ice cream, will think, who bought her ice cream, boyfriend? How does she know her boyfriend? What’s the story between her and him? If she were alone, I would think, what makes her pass by the ice cream shop, want to buy an ice cream to eat, thirsty? Or the mood is not good? Why is the mood bad, because the person that loves a lot of years said a word? Or work too tired, want to give yourself a little reward? Is the legendary brain hole wide open. See any scene, I will supplement the antecedents and consequences, try to turn it into a story. The 3 was the most difficult Qi creation相关的主题文章: