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Ignore the confinement, treasure the mother how to remedy? Sohu – maternal confinement has been our custom, but with the influence of society by westernization, coupled with the increasing pace of modern life, many do not know how to treasure the mother confinement, the old tradition would be gradually eliminated by the new scientific theories, even have a turbo mother in confinement because of carelessness and error handling, leading to health more than prenatal weak. Although confinement must spend a lot of time, but rely on the postpartum recovery, his mother’s physical and mental energy can be effectively restored, Tina would like to share some tips to remedy the confinement with you today, let us work together to rescue the confinement of war. First, why the need for confinement? Before starting the recovery, we first look at why confinement. Confinement literally, is after the women finished production, launched a month long postpartum recuperation, during this period, the mother needs more rest, and intake of some help and diet supplements, to recuperate originally, a living life is drawn from the population from this for women’s wear and tear strength, rely on the time of confinement, to let the treasure mother re adjustment, relax, make body and mind to return to the state of prenatal. May two month, did not do a good job of sequelae often back pain during pregnancy, because the relationship between the change of center of gravity, Baoma spine must be greater than the usual burden, therefore, if you don’t use during confinement will be damaged and nursed back to good, after may face often backache pain. During the period of breast ptosis confinement, Mommy often need help baby breast-feeding, if lying posture, it is easy to cause breast deformation. One of the key confinement recurrent dizziness and nausea in the recovery of Baoma consumption strength, if the month did not sit well, it may lead to his mother’s blood two empty, often causing dizziness and nausea sequelae. Three, the month of remedial method tonic to prevent anemia, pregnant women should eat more iron containing foods in the postpartum period, such as: brown sugar, red dates, red bean, red food, can effectively enrich the blood. Kidney can fill kidney, uterus also allows faster recovery. Sesame high calcium, eat more calcium loss and the prevention of postpartum constipation. Carrots are rich in nutrients, vitamins A, B, C, is the best dishes postpartum. Black bean contains rich protein and various vitamins on plants, beriberi edema and abdominal muscle relaxation and also improve efficacy. Nutritional characteristics: stew soup nutritious, easy to digest. Pork ribs soup, chicken soup, soup, fish soup and pig’s trotters are in confinement will drink soup. Because of maternal sweating and the secretion of milk, water demand is higher than that of ordinary people, so a lot of soup is very good. Sesame nutritional characteristics: rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron, can improve and improve the nutritional quality of food. If black sesame seeds are better than white sesame seeds. The mother is supposed to get enough rest, so it’s important to keep a regular schedule a相关的主题文章: