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In addition to Leshan Giant Buddha, there are so many monuments around Chengdu! The Sohu will start up cold weather tourism, while the winter had come before the black bean pot recommended to visit these sites, Haoshua is also not far away from yo ~ Dayi pharmacist pharmacists rock rock cliff stone, there are fifteen caves, rock thirty-five niches, the size of more than one thousand statues statue. Pharmacist Grottoes to the main Buddha named niche statues, three house a hole length of 150 meters of rock size statues of 1032 pharmacists, respect. The Buddha of medicine has great influence in the local area since ancient times, the rich in Chinese herbal medicine, the local people eat their meals, more rely on Chinese income, the children go to see monuments, listen to story is also a good feeling. Car route: Chengdu Chengwenqiong Expressway – Dayi – Xinchang Town – Jiajiang Qianfoya cliffside Qianfoyan apothecary rock in the grand Tsing Yi River Mountain Redcliffe, picturesque, Yishanbangshui, known as the "best place to Tsing yi". In addition to the beautiful shape of the statues, and the ancient inscription a superb collection of beautiful things are full of antique flavor. But here as long as 5 yuan tickets, for now is not hundreds of scenic spots is absolutely no conscience price, fast selling spots vu, where can play an entire afternoon. Self driving route: Chengdu – Chengle – Meishan – Jiajiang – Deyang Confucian Temple Confucian Temple Qianfoyan also called Confucious’temple, is the worship of Confucius temple, Confucian Temple of Deyang, China’s western region is to maintain the most a grand scale in the Confucian Temple to complete the Confucian Temple, one of the three Confucian Temple. The entire Confucian Temple block south, the temple Redwall huangwa, temple Xuanang, precise layout, like the imperial palace. All kinds of stone carving, wood carving is not fine carving, with children to fine taste quite good yo! Self driving route: Chengdu – Deyang – Confucian Temple – Mian high-speed Guanghan Sanxingdui Sanxingdui site is far south-west of the largest, longest and most rich cultural connotations of the ancient Shu cultural relics, the collection and display of Sanxingdui relics unearthed bronze, jade, gold, pottery, bone and other thousand pieces of precious cultural relics. Do you love to see tomb, black bean pot see bronze tree, as the people of Sichuan for the 5000 year old Sanxingdui proud, and here the unearthed bronze tree is full of mystery. Self driving route: Chengdu – North Star Avenue – Chengde Sanxingdui Avenue – Meishan sansuci, China sansuci, is a famous writer Su Xun, Su Shi, Su Zhe and the former residence of sansuci, existing buildings, mostly built in Qing Dynasty, various ancient court building courtyard, let you back into the movie scene as general. The ancestral hall is not large, but quite a lot of buildings, such as holding the moon Pavilion, rockery, real wood 100 slope Pavilion, Qi Xiantang, but the impression is not choking. Because has been surrounded by ancient wood bamboo interval, they seemed quaint. Car route: Chengdu Chengle sansuci, Anyue – Meishan – Anyue stone stone do not know from the Dazu stone very close to the reason, there are many stone carvings in Anyue almost every country, except for a few suffer natural destruction of makeup color]相关的主题文章: