In nine consecutive debt default by the creditors apply for bankruptcy reorganization in Northeast


In nine consecutive debt default by the creditors apply for bankruptcy reorganization in Northeast Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Photograph: how to resolve the debt crisis in Northeast China vision, have come to the crossroads. The evening of September 29th, Fushun special steel (600399.SH) announced that its controlling shareholder in Northeast received Dalian City Intermediate People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Dalian intermediate people’s court) Notice: 26 this month, the Northeast Special Steel creditors to Dalian City Intermediate People’s court for the Northeast Special Steel and a subsidiary of Dongbei special steel group Dalian Special Steel Co. the company, the Northeast Special Steel Group Dalian high alloy wire rod limited liability company bankruptcy reorganization. At present, the Dalian City Intermediate People’s court is applying for the performance of the above legal review procedures. Dongbei special steel is the largest steel company, headquartered in Liaoning city of Dalian province. Liaoning province SASAC actual control of the Northeast Special steel. As of 6 at the end of last year, Liaoning province SASAC holds a total of 68.81% of the shares in northeast. Since this year, has accumulated nine times in Northeast of debt default, default debt totaled about 5 billion 800 million yuan. Its latest breach appeared in September 26th. The principal and interest totaling 740 million yuan "15 East steel CP003" can not pay in full payment, to constitute a breach of contract. Fushun special steel the disclosure announcement is in response to the Shanghai Stock Exchange last week made inquiries. The requirements of the exchange of Fushun special steel back in Northeast has entered bankruptcy reorganization proceedings, Fushun special steel will be included in the scope of bankruptcy liquidation etc.. Some media reports said last week, the northeast special steel the creditor bank received notice of the Liaoning provincial government decided to implement the bankruptcy reorganization of the northeast special steel, the end of September launch of specific programs. The news reporter from the Northeast Special Steel Interface default bond underwriters confirmation, Dongbei special steel will enter bankruptcy reorganization proceedings. "Economic Observer" reported this week, the northeast special steel level in an internal meeting 20 said, the debt restructuring plan premise to protect the interests of creditors, has won the Liaoning Provincial Standing Committee for consideration by the. The executives did not mention a bankruptcy of Dongbei special steel in the internal meeting. Whether the court will eventually accept Fushun Steel’s bankruptcy reorganization, still can make nothing of it, one of the key factors is the financial situation of the Northeast Special steel. As of now, the year 2015, the first half of 2016 in Northeast financial report was not released as scheduled. In the three quarter of last year, the total assets of $51 billion 810 million, total liabilities reached $43 billion 690 million, asset liability ratio was 84.3%. Fushun Steel said in the announcement, the company does not currently apply in creditors bankruptcy reorganization range. At the same time, Fushun will not take the initiative to the northeast special steel special steel to the bankruptcy reorganization case, also does not know how the creditor intends to apply for bankruptcy reorganization of Fushun steel. However, currently held by Dongbei special steel Fushun special steel shares have been frozen and waiting to freeze, reaching about 3 of its total holdings相关的主题文章: