In order to make you do not line up, Guiyang handsome guy and a new shop, the results of a cry – Soh bleep

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In order to let you do not line up, guy Guiyang and open a new store, the crying and the people of Guiyang are the vast majority of Sohu had not eaten it also must have seen it the line of the circle of friends can see it always remember the first time I put it to eat dinner into the night… Hung Tongcheng store opened, and refresh the record of it to the queue queue pressure… To ease other stores? Guiyang’s beauty is its idiotic powder almost everyone to require? As a representation of Guizhou Spicy Seafood on the CCTV "life circle" column! Cctv! The new Adu? Sauteed Crab according to the masses revealed a chowhound, beauty CCTV super multi Adu Sauteed Crab store has been to Hong Tong 3 floor! Compared with the old fashion decoration dolomite soared, but is easy to find in the shopping mall, eat a meal in a movie called the perfect line! Light desktop, a perfect copy of wooden poles and wires, behind iron mesh and leather chair so that the circle of friends Slide Show cool to no friends! Hong Tong Shop Services also upgrade, every one of the waitresses trained are more professional than old! I’m sorry to have a fried crab! Hello! I really don’t eat too much! The waiter is too diligent how broken!) Even the other upgrade, is no longer a white bowl dish for free, simple atmosphere black plate swing after the tall on a lot of food stalls, snack feeling abandoned! The dinner here in front of the most! Taste environment grade service!相关的主题文章: