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IPhone 7 sales will be more than expected to but overall sales than in 2015 – Sohu [Technews] technology science news release has been more than half a month of the apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus new intelligent mobile phone sales, at present always affects the hearts of global analyst. But for Apple products thorough study of KGI securities analyst Guo Ming (KGI)? (Ming-Chi Kuo) pointed out that in 26 released the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus report, although sales of the iPhone 7 less than the previous generation iPhone 6s. However, to increase the size of the iPhone 7 Plus shipments will be higher than expected. Guo Ming? Sales report for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus’s latest report pointed out that the 4 points; first, iPhone 7 Plus starting sales higher than expected, one is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion light. In addition, it is iPhone 7 Plus equipped with dual camera lens is also favored by consumers. As for, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pre-sale quantity, basically maintained flat. Secondly, the color selection on the iPhone 7 series. According to KGI survey, bright black is the most popular, accounting for 30% of the proportion of 35% in the global sale, while in the Chinese market reached 45% to 50% of the proportion. Among them, the most popular version of 128GB. The third reason is the iPhone 7 series starting out of stock. Guo Ming believes that the first 7? IPhone out of stock is not all because the market supply and demand caused by the situation. Because, for apple, the production of bright black iPhone 7 product yield is lower, only 60% to 70%. Furthermore, the new iPhone 7 series starting country has 28, while the previous generation of iPhone6s is only a few, these reasons are exacerbated by the lack of supply iPhone first appeared in 7. Finally, Guo Ming believes that despite the iPhone 7 Plus performed well, but in 2016 the overall sales of the new iPhone will decline. According to KGI securities estimated that the new iPhone sales of 6000 to 65 million, and 7000 to 75 million between 6S and iPhone in 2015 is lower than the overall sales of Plus 6S iPhone. For Guo Ming, such sales estimates, in fact, and Apple Corp is expected to go far. Apple has said it will not be announced the first week of the new iPhone sales, and is expected in 2016 than in 2015 sales report相关的主题文章: