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  is a shortcut to the subway; Beijing district "open – closed society — original title: as a shortcut to the subway closed area" is to open the door before the area on the west wall over part of the fence was removed an argument about the day Garden District residents, residents that can cut the fence demolition, but there are also residents feel down the fence there are security risks. Residential property, said the west wall fence repair repeatedly demolished very helpless, but the official plan was blocked by some residents, so there is no way to come up with a better way. Residents: the closed area fence was an opening day before yesterday, who lives in a district of cattle day Garden reflect small iron fence was removed, the formation of an unattended the door "". "It’s not safe," he said. "It’s the equivalent of a completely open community." But with the residents of Mr. Ma has different views, he told reporters, people in the west to "open the door", it is in order to less detours, convenience. "In the past has not stopped the welding property to fence off, get worse than simply removed, can be directly through the old children are convenient." Ms. Wang said he also often through the west gate to the subway station, although he also has the problem of security issues, but also feel that the closure is not the answer, "the area West itself does not have the door, certainly has the need to do so, rather than simply put here a formal door, get a camera, it is safe and convenient." Reporter visits: not a shortcut to spend ten minutes yesterday morning, the reporters came to the day garden area, walk in a circle, the district north, East, South three sides have no formal entrance on the west side of the door. But under the guidance of the residents, the reporter found the ground floor is located in the north side of the five floor of the west gate, that is, an iron fence was removed gap. Reporters noted that the demolition of the fence is Litang, by one hundred meters outside the overpass, you can directly to the metro line five Tiantongyuan station, which is why we have from here through. A man with a child hurried along, "we have been left here, should open a door, anxious to send their children to school." His mouth of the south gate was dismantled in the fence to about 300 meters, but living in the area in the middle of the owners if you want to go to the subway station, 300 meters south to go out, still have to walk 300 meters to the north to the subway station. Reporter Pro testing to the subway station walk, walk straight through the fence than regular about nearly 10 minutes. Response: property owners to block the part of building a regular door yesterday, the reporter linked to the heaven area Property Management Company, responsible person Peng manager told reporters, "open the door" west wall thing long-standing, they are also very helpless. "Just before the break off or break down a fence, we saw on the welding, can not be blocked. The residents can not be stopped just when we finished work to break the fence." And recently, the fence was simply removed and thrown away, Peng said the manager will be as soon as possible and then close the fence again, so uneasy on the open, worried about security risks." For the residents of the proposal here simply open the door, Peng said that they also have the idea, "some owners wrote a letter in the hope that the west side of the joint open相关的主题文章: