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Israeli unmanned combat vehicles into combat Patrol: no longer worry about the captured data figure: Israel new robot chariot original title: Israeli unmanned intelligent chariot into combat: built robot Legion Reference News Network reported on August 29th Japan’s "Daily News" published in August 15th a report in the newspaper reporter Dazhi Tomoko from Jerusalem, entitled "Israeli combat using artificial intelligent vehicle", the abstract is as follows: the Israeli military said they have started the actual deployment of automatic driverless vehicles. The Israeli military said the country is the world’s first formal deployment of artificial intelligence automatic driving vehicle has been used in the country, at the junction with the Palestinians in Gaza, where in mid July. In the future, Israel will also to the border with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and other countries of the region around Arabia are equipped with machine guns and other weapons deployed automatic driving vehicle. In the future, Israel will seek to create soldiers and hybrid vehicle combat forces. The military weapons is through remote operation, but the manufacturing enterprises said, "technically can achieve automatic weapons". This is the first time the Israeli military has admitted to the domestic and international media has been deployed in the field of automatic driving vehicle. In 2011, the U.S. military unmanned system plan, proposed the ultimate goal of full automation, but failed to deploy. In the field of civil automation, the Japanese government plans to host the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo around the realization of quasi automatic (when necessary by the human driving) of the vehicle, in 2025 to achieve full automatic vehicle market. American Ford motor company plans to achieve full automatic driving technology of passenger cars by 2021. Different from the civilian areas in the urban areas, the military automatic driving is a kind of off-road off-road vehicle, which requires a variety of obstacles, bombs and so on. Israel’s military in 2008 in order to monitor the border with the Gaza (about 60 km), the world’s first combat deployment of quasi automatic military vehicles. Since the region had occurred in the case of Israeli soldiers killed by Hamas fighters, the military to protect the lives of soldiers, hoping to achieve full automatic driving. Called "border Guardian" military vehicles equipped with automatic driving system, has the end of trial operation, the actual deployment began in mid July this year. The number of deployments is still unknown. In the quasi automatic period has been unmanned, but the vehicle needs to follow the route set in advance. When encountering obstacles, the need to switch to manual mode, more trouble, need two drivers to operate. However, in the case of full automatic driving, the vehicle has the ability to avoid obstacles. The driver kit that contains the system can be installed on any vehicle. The future, as long as the first guard issued content instruction, 1 people can control the number of cars. To capture the vehicle data through the armed forces a manned or unmanned system to achieve real-time sharing. The Israeli military robot development department Amir said: "in one or two years ago, the army had put in 20 to 30 years after the establishment of automatic robot force target, but now all in the camp sought to introduce a number of robotic vehicles. Robots should be under the command of a human Commander相关的主题文章: