Jac announced plans to set up a joint venture with the public to develop new energy vehicles puritans pride

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Jac announced plans to set up a joint venture with Volkswagen joint research and development of new energy vehicles after yesterday announced stock stop after JAC official announcement today announced with Volkswagen (China) Investment Company Limited signed a joint venture cooperation memorandum of understanding, and to assess the feasibility of a joint venture in the field of new energy vehicles, and strive to five months in the signing of the memorandum after the signing of the formal agreement agreed. Notice that, in the face of increasingly tighter emissions regulations Chinese fuel consumption environment, the two sides agreed to use their own technology in the automotive sector and business advantages, in the framework of compliance with laws and regulations and national policy, discuss cooperation mode, in order to achieve mutual cooperation in the development of new energy vehicles. The two sides also will be the new energy automotive products as the basis, the establishment of a research and development company, to carry out all-round cooperation in research and development, new energy vehicles and parts production and sales, the travel plan and other fields, in order to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction. In accordance with the principle of equal cooperation, the parties shall pay 50% of the initial registered capital in cash and other tangible or intangible assets. At present, Volkswagen in China has two joint venture FAW Volkswagen and SAIC volkswagen. According to the Chinese automobile industry related policies, foreign car companies with only two domestic automobile joint ventures, so insiders speculate JAC and Volkswagen will only at the technical level of cooperation or joint venture to set up commercial vehicles. According to the official announcement of the Jianghuai Automobile sales data, 1-8 this year, JAC car sales reached 415 thousand and 400, compared to 375 thousand and 100 in the same period last year, an increase of 10.76%, while in the new energy vehicle level, JAC has accumulated sales of more than 20 thousand taiwan. In June this year, Volkswagen has released a new "2025" strategy, put forward to the development of overweight in the new field of energy, will be launched in 2025 30 a variety of electric vehicles, the annual sales of two to three million vehicles.相关的主题文章: