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Ji’nan 240 thousand car bid farewell to the 6 year exemption period — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Ji’nan 240 thousand cars lined up to bid farewell to the 6 year exemption period Ji’nan motor vehicle detection line before detection. Newspaper reporter Zhou Qingxian photo (data sheet) in September, non operating small and micro passenger cars and 6 years exempted from on-line security policy has been implemented for two years. The first batch of Ji’nan to enjoy the dividend policy of the 241 thousand vehicles will be limited to the time period, the vehicle registration in September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012, and because it has been the exemption period, after a year for on-line security. The implementation of new regulations in two Ji’nan 870 thousand car security in 2014, the Ministry of public security, the State Quality Inspection Administration jointly launched vehicle inspection regulations, provisions from September 1st of that year, within 6 years of non operating cars and small, mini passenger vehicles (vans, 7 and more than 7 vehicles except those exempted from on-line security). In the 6 year exemption period, in accordance with the original trial car two years time period, the owners only provide strong proof of insurance, travel tax or tax exemption certificate, with a vehicle driving license can be directly to the departments to apply for inspection mark. The exemption is exempted from on-line security, owners still need every two years by tax payment certificate, compulsory insurance and driving license application security marks. Otherwise, once the road checked will be punished in accordance with the removal of the trial. Ji’nan city vehicle administration business guide chief Bi Yubo introduced, in accordance with the policies and regulations, the corresponding vehicle registration have the opportunity to enjoy the dividend policy after September 1, 2010. As of now, Ji’nan city has a total of 874159 cars to enjoy exemption. The date of registration in September 1, 2010 (inclusive) to August 31, 2012 (inclusive) between 241290 cars, these vehicles can enjoy an exemption; date of registration in September 1, 2012 (inclusive) to August 31, 2014 (inclusive) between vehicles will continue to usher in a period of trial car. To the car cycle, these vehicles have exceeded 6 years exemption policy time, facing on-line security. "241 thousand cars to enjoy a free vehicle is one of the first" 6 year exemption "vehicles, is not to say that these vehicles are next month to check on-line detection." Yu Bo said, for example, the vehicle registration date in 2010 of November, the owner can handle in the year of November. September on-line detection of the vehicle is only registered for vehicles from September 1, 2010 to September 30th. Overdue can not exceed one month in Ji’nan 67 thousand cars off the trial need to be reminded that not all new cars within 6 years can exempt, the vehicle from the factory date, more than 4 years did not handle the licensing procedures; 6 years of traffic accident casualties occurred; vehicle traffic violations recorded pending the vehicle is a van, 7; and above the vehicle, or the police, fire, ambulance, rescue, non camp turn, turn non rental vehicles, the vehicle can not meet the above 4 situations when the exemption. In accordance with the existing policy, more than registration)相关的主题文章: