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Just 10 seconds! 360 mobile guards experts teach you to identify telecommunications fraud – in the new network on September, 12,   life, when you receive a phone call fraud, how long will you be able to find this scam, the second? 20 seconds? Or simply do not recognize it? September 10th, Beijing satellite TV, "rule of law" column at the beginning of the program will throw such a problem. In the face of increasingly diverse telecommunications fraud tactics, how quickly identify the brain clearly a scam? This issue of the rule of law and the 360 mobile guards experts to provide you with a lot of practical suggestions. The beginning of the program, the reporter will experience an unexpected telecommunications fraud. First, the reporter received a display of 10086 points for the exchange of sms. After the reporter points to open the link in the message, was asked to fill in personal identity and bank cards and other related information. At this point, 360 mobile guards security experts appear in time, told reporters that this is actually a fraud sms! The message contains a Trojan virus, once the reporter login site to enter personal information, the information will be leaked. 360 mobile guards security experts said that this is a common way to impersonate the official customer service phone fraud. The usual suspects of using mobile pseudo base station fake number defrauding the victim of trust, coupled with the reminder of the possible returns, stimulate people to constantly improve the personal information, a step by step into the trap. Life to prevent telecommunications fraud, 360 mobile phone security guards expert gives three suggestions: first, the verification code will not be disclosed; second, set the password as soon as possible complex; third, to download all kinds of application security platform. The company issued 360 "2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report" together behind the shocking telecommunications fraud, is actually hidden a large and complete black industry chain. Malicious software vulnerabilities, sale, data theft, reselling personal information, spoils fence, interlocking, clear division of labor. Most of the telecommunications fraud have a professional quality, will be based on the psychological changes induced by the deceived. 360 mobile phone guards landed apple with increasingly complex telecommunications fraud situation, 360 days before the company released the "2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report". The report shows that only in August 2016, 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept all kinds of harassing phone calls for the whole nation, an average of about 111 million times a day to intercept harassing phone calls. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept telephone fraud, accounting for the total number of harassing phone calls to intercept the month of 13%, an average of about a day to intercept telephone fraud. For users of Apple’s mobile phone has been plagued by fraud, the 360 companies have been in action. Recently, according to the iOS10 system allows developers to intercept telephone harassment this innovation highlights, the company launched the 360 Mobile Phone Guardian 7.1 version supports the iOS system of fraud, selling, harassment intercept telephone and shielding, became the first to achieve intercept fraudulent phone function on Apple’s mobile phone software. Users can now under the iOS10 beta system.相关的主题文章: