King duel Canon 5D4 and SONY a7r2 quality contrast winsockfix

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The Canon 5D4 and SONY A7R2 showdown showdown King contrast picture for professional camera, image quality is undoubtedly the most consumer fancy place, it is directly related to the quality of the final picture. Canon 5D Mark IV and SONY A7R2 are currently on the market selling professional camera, the same location and similar price often let consumers in the purchase of the same. Today I would like to compare the performance of these two cameras in detail on the performance of the picture to see who is the real picture quality king". "Quality" is actually a more general statement, if the segmentation, generally can be summarized as the following four points, namely: under the condition of low sensitive details, high sensitivity under the control of noise performance, overexposed or underexposed the tolerance performance, and JPEG straight out of the color performance. Only these four points are done, we can say that this is a good quality camera. Before we make a detailed comparison, let’s get to know the next two players. EOS 5D Mark IV is the latest release of Canon professional full frame SLR camera, compared to the previous generation product, the machine had successfully promoted to the 30 million 400 thousand pixel level, and with the help of DIGIC 6+ processor in the high sense of control noise performance has greatly improved. At the same time, such as 4K video capture, touch screen design, as well as the voice of the high Wi-Fi NFC features are also fully configured in the 5D Mark IV. Pictured: Canon 5D Mark IV next appearance is the SONY A7R2, which is currently the highest pixel without a camera, equipped with a 42 million 400 thousand pixel back illuminated CMOS sensor. Due to the special structure of back illuminated sensor, which receives the light can be better in low light environment, greatly increased under low light shooting. Pictured: SONY A7R2 two camera together, Canon 5D Mark IV more rounded appearance, generous handle provides a comfortable grip experience. SONY A7R2 is more emphasis on portability, due to the lack of mirror structure, so the volume of the whole machine is much smaller than the slr. But at the same time in the hand holding the camera will have a certain level of sacrifice. Volume comparison of Canon 5D IV and SONY Mark A7R2 the test we used a standard camera lens of the two in order to make the results more fair, in the selection of lenses we have adopted the standard kit lens. Canon side is EF 24-70mm 4L IS USM, SONY is FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS F. The same focal length as well as the lens aperture, to ensure that the two parameters in the test process is completely uniform, compared with more intuitive. Contrast: a low sense of the details of the performance of many consumers believe that the higher the number of pixels of the camera image quality is better, in fact, this is completely wrong idea. Because the pixel represents the size of the photo, and can not explain the quality of the photo. In the same scenario, though?相关的主题文章: