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Lingshui village, the once rich West Village Juren Sohu Lingshui village tourism, Zhaitang town of Mentougou district under the jurisdiction of the West Beijing, from the 109 National Road 4 km. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the imperial examination system, the village senior high school entrance examination there was Liu Maoheng and Liu Zengguang emerge in an endless stream, and many other lifts, so was the local people called "Lingshui Juren village". Lingshui village formed in the ancient village of Liaojin Dynasty, not only large, Liao, Jin and yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient dwellings, and faith in the folk gods as. There is a large square photography Huang Hua entered the Juren village, the square is Juren culture stage. Behind the big stage photography Huang Hua Juren culture is a leisure square sculpture. We are from the west of the village leisure square small alley go west to the South China Sea Dragon King Temple, and then from the South China Sea Fire Dragon Temple in the northeast corner of the alley to the East and then back to the leisure sculpture plaza, is also in the Lingshui village around a circle after. Huang Hua in Lingshui village photography, in addition to the House basement is old, the other is new. Photography Huang Hua old wall green, this is a whole of Lingshui village feel natural scenery. Huang Hua: Although photography village some people also renovated courtyard, especially new but basically no renovation of the walls. Photography Huang Hua straight to the point, as tourists to visit the family, can be described so. Photography Huang Hua stone alley, simple and clean, is the Castle Peak in the distance. Huang Hua photography in almost any corner of the Lingshui village, you can see that the mottled wall rock. Huang Hua put the fence like photography must be derogatory, but against the old wall, there is definitely a taste. Huang Hua photography as a tourist, only in the alley did not go into the yard, it was a little fly. Lingshui village alley Huang Hua photography, more walk more uphill. Photography Huang Hua old house, the natural growth of weeds, and the bare wall, which is simple Lingshui village. Photography Huang Hua in Lingshui village, everywhere is the inn, which is consistent with the ancient village tourism development. Photography Huang Hua half walls, small courtyard, this is a lot of Lingshui village courtyard standard. Huang Hua was born in Lingshui Ming photography Liu Maoheng Qing Dynasty when the prefect, outside the official term for the benefit of one party, is the pride of Juren village. Photography Huang Hua, the former residence of the house of Liu Maoheng, has been transformed into a farm house in the city of. In the middle of the Lingshui village photography Huang Hua street, had the kid painting the wall. Photography Huang Hua Lingshui village middle alley west end, the South China Sea is the fire dragon temple square. The South China Sea Dragon King Temple photography Huang Hua square on the eastern side of the wall, it had the past brush slogans. Photography Huang Hua Lingshui village basically in the South China Sea Fire Dragon Temple east. Nanhai Temple fire dragon photography Huang Hua outside the west square with trees, with a canopy support escalator. See miaomen Nanhai Temple Square fire dragon photography Huang Hua. Huang Hua photography and towering old trees, the South China Sea Dragon King Temple Temple is very small. The South China Sea Dragon King Temple photography Huang Hua temple. Huang Hua into the South China Sea相关的主题文章: