Live in Chongqing science and technology group ran head of freckle beauty winfast

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Live in Chongqing beauty group ran head of technology freckle now the girls would not pursue the past skinny beauty, waist line, A4 vest is a sign of a healthy fashion. Chongqing has such a beautiful woman, she is the Chongqing International Marathon, Ambassador vest line female coach, from the beginning of 2015 led the Chongqing delegation to participate in the continuous beauty run Chongqing International Marathon Marathon, become a very beautiful scenery, also let sports beauty among Chongqing. She was one of the name card. Called star coach, she is also the founder of the private fitness training camp advocating American fitness concept — her name is Yu Yan, she said the health and happiness of the elements is the most suitable way of life of women in contemporary Chongqing. A4 and waist vest line equally important, is a healthy complexion, but long-term outdoor sports let more than brilliant face early left scar – chloasma, and many women common troubles. The laser spot is the mainstream, but what kind of skin injury is the most light? September 21st, the vast majority of users will be together with the majority of Internet users with the black sports science and technology "light" speed "spot" the whole process. Mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code, watch live相关的主题文章: