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Make the group to help out the Beijing International Music Festival, Tan Dun creative director Sina entertainment news this year, the Beijing International Music Festival, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and the Guangzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra in 200 large airborne Beijing Sanlitun squad on the same day, such as the nineteenth Beijing International Music festival. The two bands performed on the same day at the orange hall in Sanlitun with a total of two different tracks. 3 pm, first by Tan Dun conducted the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, playing the "wind and birds have great originality of language" and "Farewell to My Concubine", make again at 7:30 in the evening in Jing Huan’s command and the Guangzhou Youth were performing a "love Shakespeare" to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare concert. Tan Dun’s work has always been to the concert new in order to be different for the two song "wind and bird" and "secret" Farewell to My Concubine continuation of the Tan Dun style of the past. "Wind and bird whisper" by Sheng, Pipa and other six kinds of China analog instruments with the birds, Tan Dun specifically to these tones recorded and uploaded to the Internet, the audience before the show to these sounds downloaded to the mobile phone, then the mobile phone has become a tool for transfer of birds. In music, Tan Dun suddenly command performers and the audience together with mobile phone play birdcalls audio, so the birds from the audience, aroused great interest of the audience, you have to participate. "Tan Dun" is Farewell to My Concubine should be Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra about the creation of a piano, Beijing Opera and Orchestra works, from the Mei School of classic drama. In performing this work, Mei School of Peking Opera actor, between Xiao Di and pianist Ralph van in the band with "dialogue", "playing the piano" actor Xiang Yu, with Yi "play" actress Yu Ji, including the "besieged on all sides" and "clear and bright moonlight", "drinking song Yu", "the piano dance", "Farewell to My Concubine" five paragraphs. Tan Dun said this work said: "in the use of" Farewell to My Concubine piano as Xiang Yu, for the first time to show Chinese Isadora and ocean king dialogue. If there are one hundred pianist overlord, requires one hundred concubine. This work not only plays the role China culture to the world stage, also let the Tsing Yi Mei School of Peking Opera heritage." The evening of October 22nd "in Shakespeare" to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Shakespeare concert, the two band from Guangzhou in the baton of young conductor Jing Huan, Tchaikovsky played wonderful Fantasy Overture "Romeo and Juliet", Lover – Vaughan – Williams’s opera "the merchant of Venice" in the Aria "sounds of nature", William Walton the soundtrack of the movie "to the satisfaction of all" and Richard – Strauss’s Symphonic Poem "Macbeth", as a tribute to Shakespeare musicians. The biggest highlight of the concert, when the number of Green Cross, which is a non Music Majors in the ordinary high school "learning tyrants" composed of Symphony orchestra. In the 5 years under the guidance of Jing Huan, the orchestra sound full, rich tone of harmony. Jing Huan said: "the students love the music of special dedication. During rehearsals, everyone will read Shakespeare in the original text, feel the connotation of Savon in." In addition, the concert by actor Feng Xianzhen in reading reading Shakespeare’s original identity, for)相关的主题文章: