Maternal diet during pregnancy for pregnant women were Sohu agogoktv

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Note: pregnant women should consume during pregnancy diet were Sohu during pregnancy, a maternal and child food, vegetable and fruit, vegetables and fruits are low in calories, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. So pregnant women need them, especially in the late. Vegetables and fruits are very healthy and natural foods that can provide you with nutrition. All kinds of dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt is a rich source of vitamin D, calcium and protein. Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy the best day to eat 3~4 copies of dairy products. Pregnant women should pay special attention to diet. Lean meat protein in order to provide the growth of the fetus, pregnant women should be added a lot of protein in the diet, such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, milk, nuts, etc.. And all kinds of cereal grain diet is very important for pregnant women, because they are a source of energy, but also provide iron, fiber and vitamin B. In addition, they also provide folic acid. Two, during pregnancy should be limited to food, fish and seafood fish meat protein is marine food, some fish rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, very good for the heart. But pregnant women should be restricted to eat, seafood is also the same. According to the study, pregnant women drink too much caffeine may cause miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, the recommended daily intake is below 200 mg, which is safe in this range. Three, pregnancy should avoid food, raw meat and raw food for pregnant women eating raw meat may be infected with Toxoplasma gondii, it will be from mother to baby, resulting in many days after the problems like blindness or mental disability. In order to avoid this problem, raw meat and any raw food, like sushi, sashimi, raw beef should be avoided. Pregnant women who have not been exposed to high temperature have a very high risk of food poisoning, such as Lester and Toxoplasma infection. In order to avoid this problem, pregnant women should avoid eating processed foods, as well as any food that has not been pasteurized. Alcoholic drinks, if the mother drinks alcohol, will be passed to the baby through the umbilical cord, leading to fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome, including behavioral disorders and physical problems. In addition, drinking alcohol may also cause miscarriage or premature delivery, so the best time to avoid drinking during pregnancy.相关的主题文章: