Metropolitan Museum of Art will sell 501 pieces of porcelain Chinese antique fever has subsided


Metropolitan Museum of Art will be sold 501 pieces of porcelain antique Chinese heat has faded in the Metropolitan Museum of China porcelain collections of British "Financial Times" Chinese network columnist Ma Jidong in September 13th published an article entitled "the Metropolitan Museum of art China why sell porcelain? "Comment articles. Ma Jidong said, "in September 15th, 501 with double historical mark Chinese porcelain, auction will be unveiled at the New York identity, at Christie’s" beauty hidden in Metropolitan Museum of Art Chinese porcelain collection "special" and said that "although the auction of fine porcelain, the proportion of small, but the news was still in China antiques circle triggered a strong shock." New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum for the Metropolitan Museum of art the following "why sell Chinese porcelain? "The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on the two floor, the Asian Art Museum entrance, not spacious hall corridor, crowded for tourists to the rest of the red coffee tables and chairs, the crowd shuttle intersect in the streams of people busily coming and going of ivory white and apricot yellow arch wall, background window display hundreds of pieces of ancient porcelain Chinese, across nearly two thousand years. Dozens of kiln varieties, is a concentrated Chinese ancient ceramic history, casually immersed in corridors around. A few years ago, I first visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, this special gallery has left me a deep impression. For hundreds of years, these Chinese porcelain two buildings around the hall, put up with the increase of collection has never changed, transfer between the cabinet and the warehouse: 1879, established only 9 years from the metropolitan Fanli dealer (Samuel Avery), bought more than 1 thousand and 300 pieces of ceramics; at the beginning of twentieth Century, entrepreneur Benjamin Altman (Benjamin · Altman) donated more than and 400 pieces of fine ceramics; in 1960, John D (the philanthropist Rockefeller jr.. Rockefeller Jr) after the death of metropolitan legacy collections, including the financial giant J. P. Morgan old Tibet Chinese porcelain – early collectors donated to the Ming and Qing porcelain, especially the polychrome and monochrome ceramics, also mapped out at the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century America mainstream collection circle beginning in the Oriental aesthetic taste, and lasted for half a century. Now, these Chinese porcelain has a dual history brand, 501 of them, but will be subject to the status of the auction, Christie’s New York debut in September 15th at the "beauty in the hidden treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art — China porcelain" Concert – although the metropolitan commission auction porcelain, mostly Museum warehouse repeat collections, or the quality defects, quality the proportion of small, but as the museum for the first time in 146 years to sell porcelain, and such a huge number, after the news came out, immediately triggered strong motion Chinese antiques circle. A similar scene in the last year, another China antiques auction also appeared in March 2015, the famous American collector An Siyuan (Robert Ellsworth) special collections, also is the quality of the collection is uneven, the same spread orderly, is also a celebrity!相关的主题文章: