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Microsoft technology to join the association to build artificial intelligence – Sohu technology who is the most innovative enterprises? In October 26th, PWC’s management consulting firm Strategy& (special); released in 2016 the world’s top 1000 innovative research results. Strikingly, of which a total of 130 Chinese companies to enter the global innovation list of the top 1000, more than in 2015, more than 7. Lenovo: "one of the Chinese innovation expenditures represent the global innovation in 2016 in Europe and Japan showed a downward trend, and Chinese innovation spending to 18.6% growth rate higher than the world’s leader, in North America, an increase of 8%." Silue large China digital strategy consulting business partner in charge of Xu Jin said, "innovation has become a national development strategy in Chinese, Chinese enterprise R & D investment increased year by year, reflecting the China enterprises are from cost competition to technology innovation transformation, relying on technological advantages to success in global competition." Old Ji carefully studied the global innovation 1000 list, found on the top China enterprise is Alibaba (sixty-first), a veteran of the high-tech enterprises, Lenovo ranked in the global list of 100th, ranking seventh in all Chinese enterprises. It seems that in the old Hebei, Lenovo’s list is out. Lenovo’s R & D investment level way ahead in the industry, according to the European Commission investigation, the 2014-15 fiscal year Lenovo in the enterprise R & D investment Chinese ranked in the top ten, ranking third in Chinese private enterprises; Lenovo 201415 fiscal year R & D expenses of $1 billion 200 million in fiscal year 201516 is expected to reach $1 billion 500 million. To date, Lenovo has 22 thousand valid patents in the world, in the United States, Japan, Brazil, China, Europe, Israel has 9500 R & D personnel and engineers to build a China, the United States and Japan in three as the fulcrum of the global R & D architecture. Similar to many multinational companies, Lenovo has established a three R & D system of division, Research Institute and venture capital group. Do business within 18 months can achieve mass production, Research Institute of 3-5 years can be put into the market, venture capital is for the next 5-10 years, technology investment, a such a situation of tripartite confrontation of the development system, guarantee the efficient development of lenovo. Lenovo Microsoft Daniel recruitment November 3rd, Lenovo released an explosive news: Dr. Rui Yong from Microsoft Asia Research Institute joined Lenovo, Lenovo Group senior vice president and chief technology officer, leadership development and technical team. (Lenovo’s new CTO Rui Yong) in the office of the media during the period, the old Ji has repeatedly interviewed Microsoft Asia Research Institute executive, Yong also understand to rui. Speaking he is Dr. Rui, Daniel true. Prior to joining Lenovo, Rui Yong worked at Microsoft for 18 years, engaged in various research work, including research and development strategy formulation, basic research, technology incubation, product development. In Microsoft, Rui Yong developed many products, did the technology incubator. In 1999, he developed.相关的主题文章: