More than 300 drivers were fined $1 million 250 thousand Uber angrily left the Macao

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More than 300 drivers were fined $1 million 250 thousand Uber angrily left Macao on August 25th news, Reuters quoted the Macao local media reported that Uber will withdraw from the casino in Macao on September 9th, the drivers have been informed. Uber driver has been fined a total of 10 million yuan (about $1 million 250 thousand) in a short time in Macao. The general manager of Uber Asia, Mike · Brown (Mike Brown) in a letter to the Legislative Council of Macao Qu Jinxin (AU Kam San) said in a letter, the company plans to withdraw from the city, and said that since being put into operation in Macao, the Uber driver in a short period of time has been fined a total of 10 million yuan in Macao ($1 million 250 thousand). Members also upload the letter to their official Facebook account. Brown and Uber no comment. Macao’s government and district new members are not willing to respond to this. According to local media reports in Macao, Uber in Macao, a total of about 2000 full-time and part-time drivers, said drivers have been notified, Uber is about to stop operating in Macao, TDM. Because the population is only 600 thousand, the size of the market in Macao is not large, but for the rapid development of Uber, the U.S. start-up companies, the withdrawal from Macao, but also to explore its Asian market ambitions hit again. At the same time, the Taiwan authorities have asked Uber to pay business tax in order to continue business operations. Local media estimated that the sales tax is likely to be about $6 million 400 thousand. This may force Uber to withdraw from the Taiwan market. In addition, Uber is still facing regulatory pressure in Hongkong. Uber in the European market has also recently retreated. Due to the request of a taxi driver license, Uber announced the suspension of the operation of three large cities in Germany, Hamburg City (population of 1 million 700 thousand), Frankfurt (population of 690 thousand), Dusseldorf (population of 590 thousand). In Amsterdam, Uber no longer provides Uber Pop services. In other European cities, Uber has also been a variety of forms of pressure. Uber in Paris and Madrid have been violent protests by taxi providers, while in London, local regulators are considering taking appropriate measures, Uber’s ambition to expand the business will no doubt be affected.相关的主题文章: