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Most pregnant mother has this secret sorrow, do you have? As the saying goes, "mother – Sohu nine out of ten hemorrhoids, regardless of this saying is accurate, reflect a high incidence of hemorrhoids. The pregnant mother is a group of high incidence of hemorrhoids, many pregnant mother have said miserable. Why high incidence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and how to deal with it? Today the kangaroo mom have to say something about this secret sorrow: pregnancy hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in the end is what Dongdong? The concept of hemorrhoids to explain more jerky, simplified point refer to the end of the rectum or anal vein group subcutaneous varicose veins, or connective tissue hyperplasia. In clinical practice, according to the different parts of the occurrence of hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoid. Distinction is very simple: in connection with the anal skin and rectal mucosa, a visible line of jagged called the dentate line. In the above the dentate line called hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids is not painful. Long in the dentate line following hemorrhoids, called external hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are painful. Both sides of the line under the long hemorrhoids, called mixed hemorrhoids. Because there are so many external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids is painful. According to the degree of internal hemorrhoids hemorrhoids prolapse, divided into 4 degrees: the first degree: not hemorrhoids anus; second: defecation anal prolapse of hemorrhoids, defecation automatically after returning; third degree: prolapse after hand assisted can also satisfied; fourth degree hemorrhoids: long in the anus, also cannot be satisfied. Why is pregnant mother prone to hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids is actually a varix, women in pregnancy and childbirth is easy to suffer from hemorrhoids hemorrhoids or exacerbation of symptoms, the reason mainly has the following several aspects: 1, the increase of uterine vascular compression (inferior vena cava and portal vein), leading to venous congestion and swelling and formation of hemorrhoids; 2, constipation due to slow down the bowel during pregnancy but prone to constipation, difficult defecation, constipation is the most common cause of hemorrhoids; 3, sedentary: after pregnancy pregnant mother reduced activity, sitting for too long will lead to poor blood circulation, anus blood sedimentation, rectal venous congestion, caused by rectal varices, resulting in hemorrhoids; 4, delivery: vaginal delivery, using abdominal pressure cleanup during pregnancy the fetus, the original will increase and even the formation of external hemorrhoids hemorrhoids thrombosis caused by production After the anal pain, swelling, not defecation or defecation difficulties. However, this is only a temporary phenomenon, with the elimination of the fetus, the pressure of the abdominal cavity to reduce the phenomenon of rectal venous reflux obstruction will ease, hemorrhoids symptoms will be reduced or restored. Hemorrhoids to mothers life has brought many problems, such as pain, defecate is not hard, aggravating constipation, hemorrhoids and pregnant women if the long time does not improve, will cause varying degrees of anemia, affecting the normal development of the fetus. After pregnancy hemorrhoids do? If the pregnant mother suffered from hemorrhoids need to see anorectal doctors, doctors take corresponding treatment methods according to the degree of hemorrhoids: 1, surgical treatment: pain, mental tension and the use of antibiotics after surgery will affect the fetus, or even cause miscarriage. Therefore, generally do not recommend surgery during pregnancy, unless patients with perianal abscess or incarcerated hemorrhoids. Anus week abscess can be cut.相关的主题文章: