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"National aircraft war" new fighter advanced storm fierce Eagle flight shooting Mobile Games evaluation Tencent in the first "national aircraft war" at the end of August added surprise, Ledou mode upgrade! The new pre war props to the opponent caused a strong blow in the world PK battle out of style! At the same time, sexy play "storm fierce Eagle" also ushered in a qualitative leap, became the first frame will have the skills of advanced aircraft, and defense capabilities have been different in the past. Today, let us work together to advance the taste of the "advanced storm fierce Eagle" style! Advanced storm fierce Eagle full level attributes: quality: 4 sun attack: 3000 life value: 2150 attack speed: 250 Fighter Skills: []: black hole stress loss per 300 life (doubles and music fighting mode 600), stop the barrage, creating a space in front of the body twist, absorb all the enemy and bullets and destroyed, causing 218000 damage per second for Boss or princes, for 9 seconds, during the release of immune fighters. Skill at the beginning and at the end were caused by explosion screen, the cumulative maximum 2510000 damage (Ledou mode, duration and total half damage) [Gil]: active guard after use and give into the injury free state at the same time, stop the barrage, equipped Battlestar guard body, a large area bombing to the front, destroy all hit the enemy. Cause 235000 damage per second for Boss or princes, "can become magic, clicking on the button, the self generated stormblade, each attack deals 10000 damage to the Boss or head (doubles for 50000 points, 10000 points for music bucket mode), up to 4 times per second for 13 seconds. Skill at the beginning and end of screen are caused by the explosion, the cumulative 3520000 damage, 300 second cooldown (Le Dou mode, duration and half damage) []: space back every 1.5 seconds to launch two enemy barrage space absorbs 3 bubbles, each absorption can accumulate a bullet 1 mana when accumulated to 60 or 75 seconds of continuous fighting (doubles and music Deathmatch to accumulate 120 points or fight for 150 seconds), consumption of all current magic value, immediately return 220 point and 50 point barrier value, simultaneously emits 2 stormblade, a rebound in the screen 12 times. Remove all enemy bullets, missiles and touch, resulting in a total of 300000 points of damage to Boss or head. The effect of cooling time was 50 seconds (doubles and Ledou mode for 100 seconds) []: eternal glory when it is exposed to lethal damage, consumption of all current magic value, lock the current life 50% (minimum 600), the effect of cooling time is 180 seconds, and the will to survive, not jiaotusanku superposition. The basic score kill Boss or head of the aircraft plus 195%, plus 97% basis points. Special ability: the host against the safety shield 1 times, can be added to the 2 layer, the upper limit of system increased by 50 points. The storm fierce eagle in the appearance of many gold seckill aircraft fuselage dazzling, the wind Jill is set beauty and wisdom in a sexy stunner. The return of the advanced.相关的主题文章: