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National Day event: Nexus brand Blackberry mobile phone digital Sohu – end up   time flies, suddenly the seven day National Day holiday has ended, everyone must have this little holiday travel, should not have too much time on mobile phone ring what happened. But this does not matter, I will take you to look back. For example, Google has finally released a new mobile phone but not the continuation of the previous Nexus brand but were replaced by Pixel, blackberry eventually did not withstand the pressure officially announced to give up the mobile phone business, millet again issued claims to have "black technology" of the new flagship, of course this is just one small part for details that continue to see. $649 Xiaolong 821  Google Pixel Pixel  XL     you may have purchased or loved Google Nexus brand, but in Beijing on October 5th morning, Nexus brand officially and we say goodbye, it is replaced by the Google Pixel. This morning, Google held a press conference in the United States officially launched the Pixel brand and launched two new products – Google Pixel and Pixel  XL. Google Pixel Pixel  XL main parameters (source the      verge) parameters of two products actually had been foreign media exposure, and then describe here: Google Pixel and Pixel  XL has a different screen size and resolution of 1080p 5 inch and 5.5 inch 2K screen, each equipped with AMOLED Google Pixel screen, the battery capacity of 2770 Ma, Google Pixel  XL 3450 mah. But in other aspects of their configuration is very similar, Xiaolong 821 processor, pre primary Android  continuous performance mode and has 7.1 exclusive "". Three body color (source the      verge) two products in the camera hardware performance is good — 12 million pixels, 1.55 m, 2 F unit pixel aperture and optical image stabilization, DXOMARK score of 89, they have the same 4GB  RAM and 32GB 128GB ROM. Although the HTC OEM products, but only two products with Google LOGO, the function includes the full set of service, Google intelligent assistant, and can connect with their own Google routers and Google media player. Product price open (source the  verge)     as the opening of the Pixel series, Google will be defined as the flagship of the two products, priced at $649 (about 4328 yuan). Body color black, silver and blue, sales channels including Verizon, best buy.相关的主题文章: