Nearly 40% stocks break through the strong point of the stock of the top three stocks of the top 314

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Nearly 40% stocks break the "3140 points" strong stocks three label sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest fall 60 million – reporter Wang Wei period from the high of 3140 in August 16 reached after the stock index will once again turn to 3100 points under the trend of shock, but last week, the Shanghai composite index once again point to the 3100 attack, although failed to break the highs of August 16th. But from the stock point of view, as of Friday’s close, the two cities have had the right to re calculate, 1075 stocks exceeded August 16th high, accounted for 36.85%. Among them, there are 29 stocks hit a record high last week. The plate is relatively small, underestimate the value of the stock, and both popular concept to become a strong label". The first breakthrough in 1075 stocks since August 16th SSE Composite Index to 3140.44 points, hit a new high stage, the stock was turned slowly down the stairs, and in August 25th opened and quickly dropping "slip" after finishing sideways into the stock "hesitant" when in the dance. But last week, the stock index again, ready to "continue to attack the 3100 point, Wednesday intraday 3105.68 points to set a new high since August 22nd, the stock index Chonggao failed then turn to shock down, late Friday is in profit under the" swarm "diving" crashed in front in front of. However, this does not hinder the active performance of stocks, many stocks are the first to break through the high point in August 16th. As of September 9th closing, before rehabilitation calculation, Shanghai and Shenzhen two has the highest price of 1075 stocks rose compared with August 16th, the proportion reached 36.85%. Since August 16th, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.48% over the same period, but all the A shares rose to an average of 3.65%, more than 1000 shares this interval or the first breakthrough is reached 11.73%. Thus, during the period of shock index funds to do the right, in a body "". And behind this data is precisely in the early strength of the heavyweights led by the wave of the past, the fund began to transfer from the motherboard stock to small and medium-sized situation. In the first of these 1075 strong breakthrough in the early highs of the stock, the motherboard stock of a total of only 549, SME board and gem, respectively, there are only 206 and 320, accounting for the proportion of 51.62%, respectively, and 29.77%. Although from the absolute point of view, it seems the motherboard stock still in absolute advantage. But in the long run, compared with the August strong stocks accounted for more than 55% of the main board stocks, the funds to small and medium transfer characteristics are more obvious. Specific to the stock point of view, Shanghai rainbow, Suzhou permanent, Chi technology, news, shares, Bo Dawei, happy blue ocean, Sichuan Shuangma potential shares and square large chemical industry on Friday’s closing price than the highest price in August 16th doubled, including Shanghai and Suzhou permanent Yahong is reached about 3 times relatively, rose as high as 320.68% and 291.36 on相关的主题文章: