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Net about car prices survey: passengers feel expensive platform that reasonable recently many passengers reflected in the past few months, about the car fare up a net. Network about car platform, said the base fare has not been raised, subsidies do have adjustments, but also to ensure that the success rate of the car, and the price is transparent, the sale of voluntary. Experts pointed out that the funds under pressure, difficult to continue the low-cost marketing strategies. However, also pay close attention to whether there is a monopoly network about car signs, take measures to protect the interests of consumers. Recently, many passengers reflect, drops, excellent step and other network about car fare rise, subsidies are less and less, the morning peak fare must double. How about the price rise? What is the reason for the price increase? Reporter conducted a survey. Passenger: Shenzhen, Beijing rose, Shanghai feeling is not obvious at 8:40 on September 20th, Shenzhen City, Meishan street, the reporter opened the phone call drops express on the road, on the morning of. Applications show that the original fare of 20 yuan, an increase of 1.2 times, close to $50. If you do not agree to double the cost, you can not call the car. Reporters agreed to double, however, the delay has not received orders. Is in a hurry, just a taxi passing, the reporter will give up the call to express, take a taxi. Half an hour later, arrived at the destination, the cost is only 33 yuan, cheaper than the express more than 10 yuan. "Prices are rising too fast." Ms. Chen, who lives in Shenzhen Baoan District Xixiang street, often alternating work drops carpool, carpooling on yuho. "This year, April 3, yuho carpool 30 yuan, 50 yuan, 7 drops of carpool; in August, 80 yuan yuho carpool, carpooling drops 70 yuan; now, yuho carpool 91 yuan, drops car is 93 yuan." Fare increases, and subsidies are closely related. "In the beginning, the larger amount of vouchers, 33% off tickets are very common. But now, generally more than ten percent off." Shenzhen public Zhang said, in general, can only offer two or three yuan, very poor." Passengers in Beijing are also facing rising prices and reduced subsidies. Beijing people working in Chaoyang District, Mr. Yang, often in the evening peak hours on Friday to take advantage of the pace of return home in Tongzhou District, about 16 km trip. June, the people take advantage of the cost of about 35 yuan, but there are $10 coupons. Now the same itinerary and time period, no coupons, the actual cost of pay increases. Passengers to pay the fare is not to give the network about the driver? In this regard, a full-time job for more than a year, the driver of the low price of the master said: our income has decreased." He said that a year ago, a monthly income of over 10000, now only five thousand or six thousand yuan. Every day you have to run enough to 25 single, only to get a reward of $80, not a single." However, there are regional differences in the price of cars around the market, prices in some cities is not obvious. In Shanghai these days, reporters repeatedly take the express train or carpool, every people excellent step, the distance is 5 km to 10 km in the short haul. Plus subsidies, the fare is less than two or three yuan, more than less than $30, and there is no obvious feeling the pressure of price increases. And if the same is a taxi, drops and excellent step price is not cheap相关的主题文章: