Next year, iPhone or iris scanner users to verify the identity of the eye reshacker

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The next iPhone or user authentication by eye iris scanner equipped with an iris scanner iPhone Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 1st news, according to technology website MacRumors reports, media reports said, including iris scanning features of Apple plans to release in 2017 iPhone. Before the media technology DigiTimes Taiwan area Chinese has published an article that the iris scanning function in 2018 will appear in iPhone. As a technology to verify the identity of the user, iris scanner will supplement or replace TouchID, so that iPhone users can complete the task of unlocking the smartphone, payment, etc.. The human iris contains complex random patterns that are unique to each person. Iris scanners have been used on smartphones, Samsung released earlier this month, the GalaxyNote7 is equipped with iris scanner. TSMC’s fine material technology will be 2017 production of iris recognition chip, the purpose may be to get apple and other smart phone manufacturers orders next year. It said it would not comment on rumors or speculation about specific products and customer orders. According to market rumors, compared with the iPhone7 this year, next year the release of iPhone 8 will have a major upgrade, such as 5.8 inch curved OLED display, glass body, removal of Home keys, wireless charging and enhanced version of TapticEngine. (compile leaves)相关的主题文章: