Obama invited Trump to meet at the White House promised to transfer power-doat

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Obama invited Trump met at the White House to do commitment power transfer original title: Obama and Bertrand Puchu will "talk" the United States President Barack Obama and President elect Donald Trup 10 in the Oval Office meeting, smiles, hugs, promised to do the power transfer work. Two people change their attitude. Trump called Obama a "good man", while Mr Obama said he was "very happy" with Mr Trump". Longer than the original arrangements for the appointment of Trump and his wife, the same day, a private jet ride from New York, arrived in Washington, DC. Obama and Trump talk about 90 minutes, longer than the initial schedule. Trump seems quite convergence, not see the style of publicity. Two people met behind closed doors, no assistants. After the end, Trump sat next to Obama, told reporters: "we discussed a lot, there are beautiful, there are difficulties." "It’s my great honor to be with you and look forward to more meetings in the future." Trump said. Two never met alone before. Trump described, Obama is a very good man, he looked forward to the guidance of the "Obama"". Obama promised to support Trump, his team will do everything possible to help (Trump) succession, because if you succeed, the United States will succeed". "It is important for us to work together to meet the challenges, regardless of Party and political orientation," he said." Obama said. Talking to Trump, Obama summed up with "great". Don’t follow the traditional photo shoot in Puding Trone sworn in next January 20th. The meeting with Obama, two people before a change of a loudspeaker of the fierce, relaxed and friendly to appear before the media lens. Before the election, Trump first questioned Obama was born abroad, and derogatory him as "the most ignorant president in American history". Obama criticized the "unworthy" to become president and commander in chief of the armed forces, he was elected to become a disaster in the United States, Trump". 10 after the meeting ended, the two did not accept questions from reporters. Obama told Trump, as he had been taught, "my experience is not to answer when they are clamoring to ask questions." Trump nodded with a smile and said, "this is the first lesson", and then there is a kind of learning to reporters about the "thank you". Two people shake hands to say goodbye. The Wall Street Journal noted that Obama and his wife, Michel, did not meet with the president-elect in the white house. "Mrs. Obama did not follow the traditional photo shoot, the incumbent president and future presidential couple in the White House south entrance," "Wall Street daily" said, "Mr. and Mrs. Obama at the end of the 2008 presidential election after the first visit to the White House, with President George W Bush and first lady Lara Bush left a shadow." Trump has been unable to wait for the White House to meet less than 36 hours after Trump announced victory. Obama and trump will meet at the same time, Michel with "first lady" Mei Rania visited the White House, also talked about parenting. Vice President Joseph and his running mate, Mike, 2, and Mr., on the other hand, are in the works of vice president of the United States and China. – – – – – – – – -相关的主题文章: