Philippine President the United States in the South China Sea issue on the use of Philippines, we in


Philippine President: the United States in the South China Sea issue by Philippines – Beijing, we adhere to the independent [global network reporter Zhang Ao] "the Philippines authorities made by far the most clear and firm response", U.S. media said in August 24th, "Nanhai arbitration", the government of Philippines said that the South China Sea dispute "international arbitration" must respected and implemented, but Manila will be independent way to negotiate with Beijing. Ever since the Duthel Te administration took office, the alliance between Philippines and the United States has suffered setbacks. The Duthel Te administration has been low-key handling of the international arbitration of the South China Sea, while trying to seek direct dialogue with Beijing. However, the U.S. media said, U.S. defense experts believe that the Philippine leaders understand that Philippines needs the United States and Japan and other countries to help "to safeguard its territorial and maritime security", the United States and other allies to "respect the outcome of arbitration". According to the Philippines Business Daily reported that Duthel Te, Philippines, said the United States insisted that the ruling to resolve the dispute. He said: "Americans will use Philippines, will say: ‘you win the lawsuit, we must adhere to’." To this end, in the 24 day of the speech, Duthel Te said, whether we like it or not, Philippines will require the implementation of the arbitration decision". But Duthel Te also said that the Philippines government will follow their own interests in the country’s own way to deal with the dispute with Beijing in an independent manner, and strive to find the best way to safeguard national security. On the same day, he also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government to help Philippines build a drug rehabilitation center in the barracks.相关的主题文章: