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Photographers teach you how to use a mobile phone to shoot a bright spot of photography everyone! A mobile phone as part of our daily life of modern people is indispensable, it can bring us not only pretty interesting information, it is our individual source and tool of our creativity and imagination. Mobile phone, as one of the most popular photo tools, can provide better image quality and shooting function, this reduces the threshold of the camera, but hope to make better friends work put forward higher requirements. I believe you read this article, how to make good use of their own phone to shoot a beautiful photo to get some inspiration. Our modern people are in an era of rapid consumption of our senses. Every day we come into contact with a large number of fragmented picture information. When we look at the pictures of micro-blog and WeChat, we give each picture a very short time. So, in all the pictures that are being viewed, it is very rare that we can really impress and even impress us. On the other hand, if we, as a photographer, how to use a mobile phone to make a can impress others, and even to impress others, this article is to share. Cell phone photography is a very personalized and subjective visual expression process. Therefore, there is no clear standard for excellent mobile photography, but they have many similarities. In the early days of our practice with mobile phones, we can make some good works by studying and imitating these similarities before we form our own visual tags. The first common feature of excellent mobile photography is that they usually have very clear visual centers. The so-called visual center, is in a picture, we first look at the past can attract us most of the elements, the location of the element and its content. A picture with a clear visual center can attract our attention very quickly, allowing viewers to continue to interpret the image of the impulse. A clear and visual center as in this photo, we first glance, our attention is attracted to the people were jumping up, our attention will not fall on the background gray sky. If we continue to observe this subject, we will find that the subject’s movements, and even his expressions are very expressive. This process is through the visual into the brain, and the reaction time in the brain is completed in a flash. A photo can be quickly interpreted, it is likely to be remembered. For example, let’s look at an example of life. When we see this picture, where is our visual focus? Some people say that is the plate, is said to have mineral water, also said to be computer and Orange Juice. Believe that the photographer heard this answer also cried in the toilet. The elements that make up the picture are also a lot of elements, and there is no place and logical relationship between them. Moreover, the cluttered background has become a disturbance to everyone.相关的主题文章: