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Postpartum shortage of milk for children to drink milk, but her mother-in-law said Sohu recently met a friend in our shopping maternal maternal stores, her birth was three months, but the lack of milk, she was in the selection of milk powder for children. I looked at her face and I asked her if she had any trouble recently She gave me a big grumble, things like this. Niuniu fat, pregnant after a particularly large stomach. She can eat very much, especially love to eat meat, it is no meat. She is pregnant after her mother-in-law come from the mountains to take care of her, for she is dedicated. This man used to eat mother suffering, not our love to eat meat, "give money to the mother to buy food, every time she only buy some vegetable dish. Niuniu’s husband to see her mother did not cook meat, said her, I did not expect her mother said the meat to eat more bad. You can only take out our husband Jiacan, otherwise it will be a non-stop nagging mother-in-law. The girl is pregnant especially hard, late pregnancy is always foot cramps, badly swollen feet, night to sleep is not comfortable. There are signs of labor Niuniu finally — red. Her husband and mother was sent to the hospital, she gave birth to a super cute little prince. Her husband and mother-in-law saw the child is very happy. The doctor came back postpartum the doctor will ask whether there is a girl, give the child to drink milk? Niu said: "the shortage of milk, milk powder has been added to the children!" The mother-in-law unexpectedly angry to the sentence: "you look so fat, even less milk, really big chest useless ah! Usually you eat so much to eat on your own, you look like a fat pig!" The girl said to her mother-in-law is very angry, direct against her mother-in-law: "I spend money to buy milk for the children to drink, and it didn’t cost you a penny, really salty to eat radish short to worry about!" Listen to the mother out of the ward and his girl. I always love to buy things on the Internet, the husband abandon me money, buy something expensive! He had great difficulty, from his friend introduced me to a skirt, there are a lot of Tao Baotian cat inside coupons, shopping value, free to receive any Tmall store coupons, any store can be used, not to be too stingy, so everyone to share, buttoned skirt, skirt if [36426O8] never let you in, you say is Nathan friends.相关的主题文章: