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"Riding" on behalf of Hongkong to determine the blood for the Tencent Oscar entertainment Oscar hearing the best foreign language film world registration time is about to end, Hongkong will Chinese by "riding" on behalf of blood for the expedition, Aaron Kwok once again topped the Hongkong actor award, and Academy Award for the film, the film has swept the Hongkong award winner and the male and female co 7 awards; last year also won the Golden Horse Awards with 8 nominations, finally only award for best supporting actor. Taiwan, China, as long as I grow up to determine the representative of Taiwan to participate in the election of Oscar foreign language film. "As long as I grew up," directed by Chen Jieyao, Ye Weiting and a group of Aboriginal children to star, education and family focused on the problem of Aboriginal children in remote areas. Previously, Zhao Deyin hot "goodbye" and Zhong Menghong’s "tile City" can I wish you a happy voyage. competition, because do not send elected films in October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 in Taiwan released at least 7 days for this provision. In addition, last year Karena Lam won the Golden Horse film directed by Lin Shuyu’s "hundred days" farewell before late registration. In Asia, the Korean Film Council has announced on behalf of the film for Oscar is director Kim Jiwoon’s film "secret agent". Japan has chosen Oscar, the veteran director of the anti war film "to live with her mother," to compete for the next year’s best foreign language film in Yamada Yoji. This is the fifth time Yamada Yoji on behalf of the Japanese in Oscar, his "the Twilight Samurai" won the Oscar nomination for best foreign language film in 2003. Singapore is from the Cannes Film Festival, to discuss the death story "prison prison police" campaign.相关的主题文章: