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Rotten rotten car bottom!   how to protect the car chassis — car — original title: rotten rotten fragile car bottom! How to protect the car chassis vulnerable relative to the appearance of the car interior, is relatively easy to be owner ignored, after all who did nothing to climb down at the bottom the chassis, but the chassis was damaged when often a problem and affect the daily control, the problem has been more serious. So today Xiaobian to tell you about the chassis was hurt and how to protect the chassis. The chassis will be hurt by the 1 humps damaged parts: front bumper, exhaust pipe to trick: a word — "slow", the two word — "slowly", three words — "drive slowly". Deceleration zone’s role is to let the car slow slow down, you want to go fast, and do not want to be a knock to the chassis, and this is "Wei, and well loved helmet"! The 2 grade damage: front bumper, chassis protruding parts such as the axle rod, to trick: one word — "oblique", two words — "oblique", three words — "sideways open". On the downhill car oblique, let the bottom or top wheel arrived and then slowly open up before one. 3 muddy road rut in the middle of the damaged parts: front bumper, hanging to deal with the trick: a word – "convex", the two word – "rolling convex", the three word – "single rolling convex". In the mud Pakistan to feel over the road, Xiao Bian recommended first past parts of rolling wheels along the unilateral protruding, the "mountain" step on the foot, you put the mountain still high! The 4 part: curb damaged front bumper, tire, suspension, exhaust pipe to trick: a word — "," two words — "death", the three word — "see you". You said, why are you going to drive the car on the curb. If not to the opposite, small can only suggest that you predict the height, leaving enough space position, lateral parking opened slowly, thump will go up. The 5 part: tires, tire covers damage near the outside to trick: one word — "special", the two word — "focus", the three word — "wide eyed". The manhole cover is always a magical presence, on the road, will be raised to hurt your chassis; not on the road, like dug a hole, minutes to swallow you tire. So Xiaobian each passing covers always on tenterhooks. So Xiaobian recommend drive to focus, to keep your eyes open to traffic. Part of the foreign body or groove 6 damaged pavement potholes: sump, suspension, exhaust pipe, front bumper, tire to trick: one word — "avoid" two words — "avoidance", three words — "avoid point". Pay attention to the road! (on the blackboard, please remember the importance of children’s shoes!) Xiaobian remind you to drive to observe the road conditions ahead, if you find a foreign body or a barrier pavement groove and pit sag, to reduce speed, avoid in advance. How to protect the chassis road situation has always been complicated and changeable, a lot of time相关的主题文章: