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Sakurai Sho’s   Masami Nagasawa and his wife – disabled athletes; Anhui channel, according to Japanese media reports, popular combination of Arashi member Sakurai Sho starring Johnny Fuji, a large Chinese New Year "drama to be aired in January 2017 for your badge" before the hostess announced the election, by Masami Nagasawa and Sakurai Sho on the show, she’s always support the protagonist Falconer and also his fiancee Nakagawa Miki in the play. "For your badge" based on a true story, about the occupation football player Falconer and his fiancee and also try wedding dress day encounter accident injury spine, life can only sit in a wheelchair, life in despair after he met basketball, and return to the court in support of his wife the story. Masami Nagasawa said: "this is my first time in this story to support people with disabilities episodes, the mood is very complex, originally I feel to show this mood seems difficult, but after reading the script, I see the hero Falconer ahead, look like the sun like a warm support for his woman, want to play this strong woman, look forward to shooting." Cooperation for the first time Sakurai Sho, Masami Nagasawa said: "Sakurai Sho is a very gentle and tolerant person, even if he will understand and solve the conflict, will not make people feel pressure, atmosphere is very easy to start shooting. My role is like a teacher, for love and dedication, my father is a football player, from an early age I saw the enthusiasm of sports people, there is resonance." (commissioning editor Fan Xiaolin and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: