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[secret] $18 billion car prices price ticket who caught? Sohu – car car [produced] no secret in the first four articles, we are about the price, price, price of car accident car parking and car prices price sponsorship, this period to the secret of the topic, no secret army prepared to play big, Pa Pa global car ticket price, that is the billion dollars started, you may wish to have a look lively: there is a saying, "look at the thief meat, do not see the thief beaten", you may only see the car prices a year selling many cars, realizing how much sales revenue, but there may be a single penalty, can let the car enterprises this year all in vain. Below we want to talk about the public emissions door, car prices price monopoly, TOYOTA brake door and car prices a variety of astronomical compensation. In fact, in addition to a huge loss of money, for each car prices, the biggest crisis is the loss of credibility. In September last year, Volkswagen diesel cars in the United States by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to detect emissions through a fraud, cheating program engine to avoid stringent emission test computer. Of course, not a small impact on the public, vindeln HanHen stepped down, the stock plunged, lawsuits, shortage of funds, layoffs, recall is not accepted, the public also may face hefty fines of $18 billion. The following is the value of the network transmission of 18 billion U.S. dollars of the three lines of code: according to the user to explain, if the driving wheel rotation, and non driving wheel static, then open the dyno mode". In short, before the wheels turn, after the wheel does not turn under the condition of open mode of environmental protection. In the normal use of consumers in the process of default in the closed state, only when the vehicle detection will be enabled, so as to discharge qualified. The final compensation mass discharge door may take one or two years to finish a fine is not expected to have tens of billions of dollars so difficult, but even billions of dollars is a ticket price. Of course, for the public, to pay fines are small, thorough rectification and restore corporate image is the key. The world of commercial vehicle enterprises six Giants: Daimler, Sikaniya, DAF Yi Weike, Manchester truck, truck, Volvo on suspicion of deliberately delayed the introduction of emission technology, monopoly market price, the European Union was prosecuted. In the ruling has not yet come down, of which 4 companies are ready for a fine reserve, a total of about $2 billion 600 million (RMB 17 billion 100 million). So, don’t think foreign truck brand so good mix, once a fine, that’s really not a joke. According to the law, the 6 companies are likely to face a fine of up to their global trade of $10%, in simple terms, the total fines could be as high as $12 billion 140 million (78 billion 910 million yuan). Obviously far more than the amount of the above list, it seems a lot of fines. Interestingly, the big six acts of the whistleblower is the Volkswagen’s truck, whether for the public last year, the discharge door wash it, we do not know.  相关的主题文章: