Shanghai fog siege 20 car rear end collision has caused 3 dead 9 injured

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Shanghai fog "siege" 20 car rear end collision has caused 3 dead 9 injured in Shanghai on 6 November, (Li Shuzhi) Shanghai 6 by the fog of besieged city "". The fog caused by multiple closed Shanghai ferry lines, suspended part of the highway crossing, S32 Shen Jia Hu high-speed direction of Pudong airport crash occurred. 6 when 06 minutes, Shanghai City Meteorological Observatory issued a heavy fog orange warning signal. 8 am, Fengxian District visibility is only 100 meters, Chongming area of 200 meters, Pudong New Area is in the range of 500 meters. Foggy weather, low visibility. 6 pm the same day, S32 Shen Jia Hu high-speed direction Pudong airport crash occurred. According to the police scene investigation, a total of more than 20 vehicles accident. According to media reports, the current traffic accident has resulted in 3 deaths, 9 people sent to hospital. A car with two DMF tanker rollover, but fortunately did not leak. Fire, police and other on-site rescue. Affected by the fog, Shanghai expressway is multiple limit; S4 Bay toll station entrance, G1501 southeast ring star toll station entrance, Linhai toll station entrance was closed. The ferry line, gold line, the Qin dongnen line, line three, line Song Lin grass, Xiening line have been suspended. As of press time, 23000 visibility has improved markedly, and by 09 and 44 in addition to the fog orange signal warning signal decomposition.相关的主题文章: