Shanghai real estate regulatory rumors four banks said they did not receive any notice restorator

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Shanghai real estate regulatory rumors four banks said they did not receive any notice on August halted a number of residential plots after the auction, Shanghai and the property market may be down payment and other new regulation. As of the first financial press time, has not received any official news, but also a regulation rumors come unexpectedly, stone Melaleuca waves. If a new deal in Shanghai, Beijing are to follow up? Does it mean that the "high tide", from the regulatory policy tightening to the second tier city first-tier cities spread? First-tier cities on whether to enter a new round of more stringent control channel? 25 in the afternoon, reporters found that the Shanghai real estate agents have a pretext to remind the customer has signed up, news spread in Shanghai developers and banks. 25 PM, in Shanghai Songjiang chain stores the Huang first financial broker told reporters on the phone, today has received many customer inquiries about the purchase, but as far as she knew, the message is "rumor", "not sure the message, only heard colleagues discuss company (or chain) the store is not meeting this thing". First financial reporter then confirmed to the developer, a person in charge of housing prices in Hong Kong told reporters that the news has been heard, but there is no official news. She said that at present the company’s sales are still as usual. 25, after the afternoon of about 16, the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai branch, a staff member told the first financial reporter, the news has spread in the bank, but she did not have the relevant agricultural bank issued documents. Analysis of the marketing director of Asian high Guo Yi told reporters, according to real estate investment inhibition may be one of the direction of government policy. Shanghai property market rumors since four, Beijing will follow follow? Who lives in Beijing city of Victoria, plans to purchase two suites of "80" Zhang Rui (a pseudonym) on the first financial reporter said: "now Beijing housing prices have been high, the prices rose will have regulation introduced, Beijing will not know the recent introduction of a similar policy? If the regulation, buy two suites Shoufu high, through the fake divorce made the first suite is not so easy." In this regard, Guo Yi expects the current volume of Beijing has not been significantly higher, the recent decline in a certain extent. Reporters asked more than a real estate broker in Beijing, the answer is that we have not heard that Beijing will introduce a similar restriction policy". Another central enterprises under the developer of the first financial reporter, said Beijing has not yet heard the introduction of more stringent regulatory policy news. His analysis, Shanghai is high frequent rumors, speculation in the property market demand led to the introduction of the new deal, if, people’s expectations of prices may be affected, but considering the cost of land and purchasing power, prices will not crash. But the Yangtze River Delta land price intervention is a fact. Nanjing, Suzhou, the highest price for the transfer of land, hit the ceiling can be stopped. The situation in Shanghai, in August 18th and August 22nd, the land market in Shanghai were issued a notice to suspend Pudong New Area Shanghai International Medical Park block and Pudong New Area Tang town new town land transfer activities. Then in August 24th, Shanghai land market announcement, Shanghai City, Putuo District Suzhou Suspended River riparian area regulatory plan adjustment pt026.相关的主题文章: