Shen Hong Hong recommended to buy Silver Round shares

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Shenwan Hong: buy silver round stock buy silver round stock companies sound, high management level, cost control is steady, the passenger car plate to become new growth points, in the long-term layout of the new energy automotive cooling plate, long-term stable growth performance, to maintain a "buy" rating. Maintain 16 and 17 years of earnings forecasts, the next three years is expected to net profit of $3.2 to $390 million in the next three years, EPS was $0.45 to $0.54, corresponding to 16-18 P of E was 231916 times as high as. Buy Jiahua energy to maintain the company 2016~2018 owned by the parent net profit forecasts were 7.82, 9.43 and 1 billion 114 million yuan, assuming that the issuance of the acquisition of new energy business at the beginning of 17, corresponding to EPS were 0.60, 0.63 and 0.75 yuan shares, corresponding to the current price of PE were 16, 15 and 13 times, the steady expansion of "chemical company" the main industry + energy scale at the same time, through technological upgrading and business collaboration, achieve business profitability, the transformation of new energy for the company to bring new profit growth point. Two wheel drive industry and new energy, will lead the company into the performance of high growth track, the current price is lower than the issuance price, higher margin of safety. Maintain buy rating. Baotong technology company recommended holdings of Pan entertainment layout is gradually fall, easy to complete the remaining equity acquisition will make the magic work more closely, Kazakhstan investment as odd company opened a two venture in the big screen, expand new pan entertainment business areas and open a new growth space for the existing business. Due to the company’s traditional industry by the macroeconomic impact fell significantly, had a greater impact on the company’s overall net profit, we lowered the company’s earnings forecast, in 16-18 the company expects EPS 0.44 0.53 0.65 yuan (original forecast 16-18 EPS 0.59 0.70 0.85 yuan), corresponding to PE56 of 4738 times, to maintain "overweight" rating.相关的主题文章: