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Shoot to see how Nicholas Tse’s acting glass eyes gradually open hanging [Abstract] from the "chase people cannot forget me is Nicholas Tse" to "I am the role, Nicholas Tse these years without white torture. Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Gao Xiaomei edit end Wu anticipated star) from the two generation to throw guitar on the stage of the rebellious teenager, from the sharing of delicacy and life stories chef to successful entrepreneurs with its $6 billion business empire, Nicholas Tse’s experience of life is colorful, colorful that we all forgot that he was a took the actor actor. Objectively speaking, what Nicholas Tse actually did not have much talent, from the regulars on the list had facial paralysis to play with an expression package, Nicholas Tse had never changed from first to last a competitor. Although not like nature itself clear, but finally harvest hard heavy. In 1998, under the age of eighteen Nicholas Tse starred in his life in the first movie "new energy-saving", play young Chen Haonan. Nicholas Tse plays Chen Haonan or a student, "sing" before and after the left and right in the school singing competition, eighteen year old Nicholas Tse and his guitar to sing "I’m too low-key, they make the world is too lonely? I am too high sounding, and offend your noble doctrine"…… For him, only more character appeared, but that was the youth and jerky breath, but let the character just perfect. The first thing to do is to get a tattoo from a student. Expression of pain when Xie tattoo, always feel too hard. But his spell, but at this time revealed. During the filming of a fighting scene, Nicholas Tse was the iron fence pierced feet, "bones are exposed, but considering the shooting time, he refused medical attention immediately. In the "young" in performance, let him get the first show awards in his life: Hongkong Award for best new actor award. Second years, Nicholas Tse and his acting in the history of "cigarette" heavyweight works. May take the "cigarette", he is in a relatively relaxed state, the shy, anger, surprise, indifferent, various facial expressions are easily moved deduce Xie, is a pleasant surprise. The show won the thirty-sixth Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best actor nomination, competing with him, is acting big coffee Sean Lau, Anthony Wong and Nbodiesco Toshio play the old Taiwan. "Hongkong new wave" masterpiece, Tsui Hark’s "time and tide", Nicholas Tse played an aspiring punks. Originally wanted to go to South America to do a big business, but because of an accident when the father. In order to raise children, became a bodyguard of the underworld. At this time, Nicholas Tse, although has been willing to undermine the value of the face, but still not completely erase the eyes of the kind of "I’m handsome I am the most handsome" idol habits. There are handsome photos, of course, there are photos. From the collapse of the degree, can see Xie still very hard to. Can say, not waiting. The other man in the play is Wu Bai. Yes, it’s Wu Bai in the forest of Norway. Wu Bai’s Cross performances were very successful. He then turned down to the success of the more than and 30 movie invitation, reason is "no more to!相关的主题文章: