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Intelligent speaker simple fashion, Yan burst table values where is like a work of Art – written on the front cover along with the science and technology Sohu WiFi more and more comprehensive, 4G traffic getting cheaper, more and more people choose to use streaming music. After all, not everyone is HiFi fancier, the song had to toss a lot of things, a lot of people are too much trouble. Think also, 2 Bookshelf Speakers of a PC HIFI system to a PC, a digital interface, a decoder, a power amplifier, a loudspeaker, light power line will be 4, but also a digital line, two signal lines and two horn line, and a pair of tripod, to open 4 a music switch, even before the engine, even I feel that there are enough trouble. So now streaming media becomes more and more popular, because of its simplicity and convenience, do not copy songs, without complex operation, a few fingers can whenever and wherever possible almost unlimited singing, music library as you choose, but also according to the recommended songs you often hear songs automatically to you, don’t think love is difficult. In this context, WiFi streaming media speakers began to appear more and more people in the field of vision. And this time the protagonist, is built in the WiFi streaming media function of smart audio – Eerduo W7. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience this product. Out of the box Eerduo W7 packaging is a medium-sized box, front Erduo LOGO and product renderings. On the back of the box is that some of the characteristics of long. "Open the box, there is a sound, a paper box and a black bag. The paper bag and paper box is filled with a rubber pad and manual, power adapter. The sound of the other more avant-garde, from the front look, a bit like a flying saucer, and a little bit like a shield. The top 3 audio has a button, emblazoned with Eerduo LOGO. This button not only takes on the key function, but also acts as the activation key for the language assistant. The back through two tripod propped up, with a mat and the bottom surface of the just. The back – machine is a unique shape of the button, and the fuselage lines to fit. The tripod is at the bottom of the power jack and some product information. It can be seen that W7 only supports wireless access, does not provide any wired signal access. Long side past, W7 is a bit like a radar. "Open the front panel you can see the horn, two high and one low, there is a passive vibration film. There is a root attached to the front panel, is mic. The APP and Changan Erduo LOGO audio network power button, lights, music. There will be a voice prompt WiFi is not connected, let’s connect the audio to WiFi. "To download the official APP, according to the APP input WiFi password, press the back button in the middle, there will be the voice prompt, even after the audio on the WiFi, very simple. "Even after a good sound, can be seen in APP, it can be set up inspection相关的主题文章: