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Simple soft – [] – eat banana toast Sohu since learned to make bread, banana home put for a long time and never worry about, and the home of oranges and lemons are basically no skin, pumpkin never throw away, basically, often eat will make toss. Dabao to Andy said, your mother really can toss! Fortunately, still do not know the reference banana toast teacher Wang Chuanren prescription he drained the flour dough back, add mashed banana, reducing some sugar, and add some cream, quite soft products. When it was baked, the banana was very strong, but it didn’t taste banana. However, the same prescription, banana mud can also be used to do a pumpkin, because these two kinds of thin thick mud. In fact, you can add some walnuts should be more delicious! Plastic surgery is not the whole time is too good, the surface is not so beautiful, but the taste is very good. About some specific problems of toast, please read a blog. Recently a lot of friends with WeChat, the day before yesterday and built a fan base, the number of over 100 instantly, you did not think so much here is the original chowhound iron were then released a micro signal durui1979031300, the first note, please do not want to see the girl friends who don’t do. Advertising people don’t add, people do not want to have an ulterior motive, here is a pure space, a mutual exchange of learning space. []: Banana toast (450 grams toast mold 1) material: high gluten flour 275 grams, sugar 30 grams, 4 grams of salt, 8 grams of milk powder, cream 30 grams, egg 27 grams, water 48 grams, 100 grams of banana pulp, dry yeast 3. 5 grams, butter and 27 grams of practice: 1. Banana bag roll into the mud, the dough material in all solid materials are mixed evenly, add mashed banana, cream, egg and ice, with the kneading machine until it can be pulled out a large fascia. Then add the softened butter at room temperature, then knead to the full stage. 2. Knead to this level, take a small piece of dough slowly stretching, can be completely set in the hand and will not break, which is called the full stage. 3. Put the dough into the pot. Covered with plastic film for 1 fermentation. 4. When dough is made to the original 2. 5-3 times the size, hand dipped in flour plug a hole, the hole is not back shrinkage, will slowly swell with more and more small, is good. 5. The average is divided into 2 parts, and round, covered with plastic wrap at room temperature for 15 minutes of relaxation. 6. Take a dough with a rolling pin roll into oval. 7. A roll of 8. Cover film relaxation for 15-20 minutes. 9. Again roll into oval, 90 degree turn. 10. Roll up. 11. Close tightly. 12. The two strips are screwed up. 13. Put into the toast mode. Covered with plastic film for 2 fermentation.!相关的主题文章: