The car, let the car driver tears like old media

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The car, let the car driver tears like old media recently, a media car drunk a car blew was moved to tears the video off the car circle. A car was moved to tears? Xiaobian I with some curiosity, carefully read the whole video media, people feel a video of the speech is very sharp, let him sing a long car reviews is more penetrating, demolish with penetrating criticism. Xiaobian I admire, car media old driver is indeed the old driver. Click on the link to watch the video: so the question is, in the end is what kind of car can make the car the old driver of the media moved a nose a tear? I don’t hide, directly on the hard dish, that is "beauty Chinese car" said Geely b-ray. The old driver was drunk said, whether it is the exterior or interior, let the media brilliant eyes. Especially in the details of the processing, instrument panel, control, seat…… Each design is as much as possible to meet the needs of human engineering. In the words of the automotive media: "brilliant reached a mature state of the car." A driving control after the old driver into the file, start, turn to the brilliant have a more intuitive feeling. The old driver admits: equipped with 3.5L V6 engine B-ray in March, the overall smooth, especially the steering, steering force steering and driving range range appropriate, highly consistent, overall. "This car is not a shame!" This is the voice of his heart. Let all the Chinese once reviled brands thought of him now, after years of accumulation, has been greatly improved. Finally, the old driver nose acid, couldn’t hold back her tears. In the automotive media circles for many years old driver, can be said to be reading countless car, on the performance of various vehicles and even the body structure on top of. Cried the old driver, is also to the quality of the best affirmed the brilliant geely. Neutral not kneel lick said, Xiao Bian also think Geely was really brilliant Chinese automobile manufacturing industry as the conscience. Water ripples, the front face of the coupe body lines, "beauty Chinese car" title since not boast; the rare 3.5LV6 naturally aspirated engine and 1.8L turbocharged engine, uniform 6 speed manual gearbox, brilliant push back and smooth controls are bar bar. In addition, ESP, ACC adaptive cruise cover safety protection, intelligent control and humanization of science and technology configuration, is to let the owners hooked. Power jack, China should do their own car brand. For many consumers, before the call represents grievances; for the automotive media people, now the cry represents the backlog years of anguish has finally been released: Chinese can build good cars, Chinese in China rise, car brand is also on the rise. Not only is the point of the media have praised the brilliant in the market sales is also a way of praise, just past September sold more than 4 thousand units, straighten up independent B car. At the same time, brilliant market heat is soaring, in each big car competition winning the prize to get soft. A few days ago, had received 2.相关的主题文章: