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The farmyard travel insurance market: the insured tourists play better – Tianjin Beijing North news: National Day golden week is coming, farmyard leisure consumption will now peak, along with the rapid growth of the number of tourists and the farmyard, accident risk prevention has attracted more and more attention of both operators and tourists. It is understood that the Jizhou District of this city many farmyard operators against "farmyard insurance", which marks the direction of the city’s rural tourism in a more professional development. Wang Ping is recognized by the owners and guests Jizhou district a large farmhouse business owners, the farm house size of more than 3 thousand square meters, with 90 rooms, he told reporters: "now the room reservation is full, waiting until October 7th there is room, guests were staying for two or three days, during the holidays we have here. More and more passengers, the thing is very much, maybe what happened. Now that the insurance companies’ farm house insurance ‘, I feel very good, immediately covered, can not only share their business risk, when I told my guests here on the insurance, the guests feel more at ease." Reporters from the Jizhou District Tourism Bureau learned that the local rural tourism market in recent years of rapid development, as of the first half of the region’s open farmhouse exceeded 1700, farmhouse tourism has become an important part of the local tourism industry, with the rapid growth of the number of tourists and the main business throughput, accident risk caused by the industry attention. Reporters learned that, in July this year, just listed in the city, farmers’ hospital insurance has been a total of 32 households insured farmers, and completed a settlement. A guest during the farmyard consumption, the notebook computer is placed on the table, the waiter served accidentally knocked off the computer, cause damage to the screen. After the survey approved, the insurance company paid the screen maintenance costs 800 yuan. The farmyard and tourists have a guarantee to launch "farmyard insurance" of a company responsible for the project, told reporters: "the farmyard insurance" is a combination of property protection and third party liability insurance portfolio, 550 yuan per premium, insurance for a period of one year, the total amount of 2 million yuan for the Pratt & Whitney version. Among them, housing decoration, indoor property total amount of 1 million yuan, the insurance liability for fire, explosion, earthquake and lightning; residents of the third party liability coverage of 1 million yuan, due to the farmyard fire, explosion, poisoning and other responsibilities to guests of personal and property loss, are compensated by the insurance company. Like Mr. Wang such a large farm courtyard, we will provide customized products based on demand, premiums ranging from 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan. At present, the promotion of this product is still in its infancy, relatively speaking out of the farm owners of the accident insurance is more active." Tianjin Insurance Association Insurance Department Director Yin Baoliang said, a few years ago, the insurance companies have launched similar farm insurance, but the general security, and then tour the village farmhouse has just emerged, insurance awareness is not strong, this kind of insurance will soon disappear. But now, with the city’s large-scale development of rural tourism, farmers hospital is no longer a cottage before a few beds, and some farmers have three homes are fully equipped with facilities to live相关的主题文章: