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The first 40TFSI fashion type new Audi A4L line guide – Sohu Sohu car / automobile   new]2016 in September 10th, FAW – Volkswagen Audi officially announced its new Audi A4L officially listed, launched a total of 6 models, the price of 29.98-41.28 million yuan. The new Volkswagen Group Based on the most advanced MLB Evo platform to build, the shape of the new design, and provide two versions of the 2.0TSI engine selection. Since the first generation of Audi 80 (B1) was born in 1972, Audi A4 series has gone through the car for the first time in 44 years. The listing of the new Audi A4L series is the ninth generation model (B9), to achieve more than 40 new and improved compared to the previous model to the new A4L. Next we will bring you a full range of analysis to see which is the most suitable for you! FAW Volkswagen Audi A4L launched six new models, are equipped with 2.0T engine, including the four models of the TFSI and two models of the 45 TFSI, the price range of 29.98-41.28 million. Because the future will also launch entry-level 1.4T models so the price range will be further reduced. Prior to the 2016 models price range of 27.28-46.46 million, it is not difficult to see the overall price range of the new A4L slightly down, but the overall change is not. B level luxury car market Audi A4L is located, relative to any other segments, which are too simple and crude, skip the "separatist warlords" opened the "Three Kingdoms" mode. Audi A4L, Mercedes Benz C class, BMW 3 series of cars belonging to Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW, respectively, the top three luxury brands, respectively, are the top selling luxury brands of the top three models. Such as Cadillac launched ATS-L and Infiniti Q50L models in recent years, as well as new MAGOTAN as the representative of the B class models on the probe, to a certain extent, the three chiefs caused a bit of trouble. B class luxury car pioneer is the Audi A4, which was first introduced in the country, the first domestic, the earliest lengthened wheelbase, can be described as the Audi A4L is worthy of this level overlord. But Audi A4L this "master" can be a little lonely, two "peerless enemies" have appeared since then opened the curtain of the three battle. In the past July, Benz C sales volume 9539, 1-7 month accumulative total 61085, year-on-year growth of 52.6%; BMW 3 series July sales of 6791 units, 1-7 month accumulative total sales of 56181 units, an increase of 3.3%; Audi A4L July sales of 6630 units, 1-7 month accumulative total sales of 79751 units, an increase of 12.9%. As can be seen from the sales, Benz C level rising momentum is very violent, are gradually entering the mature stage; the BMW 3 series at the end of life, to inject much-needed fresh blood; the old A4L is strong, the new A4L to bring a better advantage. With the Cadillac ATS-L, Infiniti Q50L, Volvo S60L and other models have been added, the future is expected to market)相关的主题文章: