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First of all the successful development of software robot robot era is coming Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament robot era is coming before the exhibition Bo investment researcher Xie Xuyang, Harvard University Biological Engineering Research Institute through the "natural" magazine announced to the world successfully developed the first full software robot "Octobot (Octopus robot), automatic robot only palm print out the 3D, all of the use of flexible silicone rubber material, and looks like an octopus, gas pressure changes without power but by a chemical reaction to realize the autonomous motion, the material cost is less than $3. The news instantly in the technology channel home scraper, as compared to 5 years ago, but also by the team of the valve system and cable connectors, conventional semi flexible robot is driven and connected, mankind has successfully realized the robot body and actuator, control system and use the power of flexible material, without restraint from the external cable. Because most of the traditional rigid materials can not withstand the impact of the robot, if this technology can be more specific for the specific tasks of the system design, you can solve the problem in many extreme scenarios. This latest case shows that in the past few years, with the development of artificial intelligence techniques for speech and image recognition, the breakthrough of the development of new materials, robotics has made considerable progress, the category of the robot is greatly expanded, from the earliest automobile manufacturing industrial robot was used to produce now, the process of all kinds of advanced automated robots in various industries in the field of large-scale use, such as 3C manufacturing, health care, retail, military etc.. Also emerged a number of service robots and virtual robot product forms, such as early childhood education robots, sweeping robots, etc.. Many of these service robots in based on the original product increased the content of artificial intelligence, such as sweeping robot cleaner is in principle on the increase of independent path obstacle avoidance algorithm, make related products become intelligent interactive. At the same time with the corresponding virtual robot entity is beginning to emerge, such as some time ago in the limelight, AlphaGo chat robot, such as Siri and Google Now, can provide news or weather information in real time, to help users deal with daily tasks. In the future, we can see that with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, we will have more meaningful communication with the robot, the most important thing is that each robot system will be more automated integration. For example, you want to buy a new pair of sports shoes on the Internet, virtual chat robot to understand the needs of your shoes, the robot will communicate with other systems (such as Amazon) to help you order sports shoes. Amazon pipeline robot after receiving the instruction will soon be sports shoes automatically packaged, shipped, another transport robot will help you put shoes to the door, all of which may be completed within one or two hours. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of the entire system operation. It is to see the broad prospects, in order to meet the various industry theory相关的主题文章: