The funding agencies swarmed into Hong Kong QDII channel fees soared 3 times ca1805

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The funding agencies swarmed into Hong Kong QDII channel fees soared 3 times Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find your newspaper reporter Pang Huawei Guangzhou reported September 12th, the overseas stock market downturn, a pullback in Hong Kong stocks, the Hang Seng Index fell 3.36%, but the Hong Kong stocks through a net inflow of funds still up to 2 billion 100 million yuan. In the previous September 9th, Hong Kong stocks through a net inflow of more than 6 billion 87 million yuan, a record since the opening of the second net inflows. The same day, the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed the parties believe that after the return of Hong Kong stocks still have a chance to rebound. The history of QDII channel fee rises, South high, and a large number of capital funds flocked to the South drama, or will continue to be staged. Channel fees rise the reporter learned that the recent mainland funds flock to Hongkong, QDII channel fee will rise. The cost of 2 times, or even 3 times. Now the market is 2% to 3%, generally at about 2%, was about 1%." In September 12th, and the assets investment director Zhang Wensi told reporters, "look at the specific situation, if you take out the QDII quota shares hit, the cost is not high, not because of what the transaction; if do futures, or do some high-frequency strategy, cost a little higher." Zhang Wensi told reporters that two years ago, no one wants to QDII products, but now we are looting. "The limited supply of QDII quota, demand suddenly increased a lot, the cost will rise." Public information, the current amount of $90 billion has been basically completed, since March 2015, the State Administration of foreign exchange has not approved the new QDII investment quota. The stock market is currently in the hands of 132 institutions in the hands of a total of $89 billion 993 million. QDII fund this year’s performance is also good, Wind data show that as of September 12th, the average rate of return of 161 QDII funds this year was $7.6%. In fact, compared to Hong Kong stocks through, QDII more welcomed by financial institutions, because QDII basically no investment restrictions, you can invest in stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and other markets around the world. Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks through the specified shares. Hong Kong stocks through the ceiling after the blowout in the amount of QDII suffered, Hong Kong stocks through the sea to become the most important channel. Haitong Securities chief strategist at jade root pointed out that since August 16th, the Commission announced that the Shenzhen sitting, Shanghai and Hong Kong through funds to speed up the south, especially in September 8th, the CIRC allows the venture capital through participation in Shanghai and Hong Kong, is to promote a new high in September 9th South of funds, Hong Kong stocks through net purchases amounted to 6 billion 100 million yuan. Institutional funds or will continue to supply". Reporters statistics found that the current market a total of more than and 30 Hong Kong and Shenzhen Hong Kong raised funds, and the SFC website shows that there are still more than a dozen Hong Kong and Shenzhen fund waiting for the final approval. "Some of the size of the fund to invest in Hong Kong stocks from the rapid rise to hundreds of millions of Sanshijiyi." September 12th, a Hong Kong and Shenzhen fund manager Lin Yuan (a pseudonym) told reporters. On相关的主题文章: