The great God is the academic review of shame winpm

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"The great God" is the shame of academic review according to reports, a man named Dong Peng, 5 years published about 800 articles in newspapers and journals of the industry, the majority of papers, covering many areas of modern logistics, industrial economics, aesthetic theory, identity is in the middle of logistics experts, senior engineer, Professor chief researcher level strategic transformation. But the Shanghai Maritime Univeristy professor Xu Jianhua reports, "the God" shows the other side: he forged through a variety of tall, fictional identity, tampering with the national scientific research projects, some prominent co authored the paper again careless get on, so in hundreds of journals published a signed article, but also a manuscript cast. The academic papers published has strict requirements on the process, the author’s identity and the authenticity of the scientific research project, the original strict audit. Why can Dong Peng copy paper successfully boarded the more than and 100 Journal of journal, his fiction, tampering with the national scientific research project, job can also smooth over the trial? Obviously, in this process, the review mechanism useless. Dong Peng’s deception often succeed is simply academic review mechanism of shame. The fundamental reason behind this may be that, even if these academic journals do not charge Dong Peng page fee, but for a long time, some academic journals to collect fees for students, the formation of a complete industrial chain of gray, the money will be published early, review mechanism will not work. In the face of Dong Peng this commitment to the national level of scientific research experts, reviewers who will go to the audit responsibility. Which is the most helpless, in the face of Dong Peng’s "the God", the normal accountability mechanism also did not get his way. He is not a university teacher, nor is it scientific research personnel, universities and scientific research institutes of academic norms can not control him. Professor Xu Jianhua was able to write a letter to the editorial department of academic journals to expose Dong Peng’s misconduct. However, this type of individual disclosure of the report is too costly, too large, the efficiency of worrying. If the academic papers published the audit mechanism useless, don’t improve, even on the real identity, the originality of the most basic responsibility of the audit are not to do, and perhaps some of the academic journals had been reduced to mere papers with academic institutions, eight pole could not beat, even Xu Jianhua the professor gave more than 5 thousand academic journals to the letter, more than 5 thousand journals have Dong Peng pulled into the blacklist, how can it? No wind in the air are academic papers published by the environment, even if the exposure of a Dong Peng, will appear under a Dong Peng".相关的主题文章: