The late start means strong still

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The late start means strong still – reporter Wang Chao although stock index futures trend is still tangled and repeatedly, but the bull trend has emerged. Analysis of the market, the most obvious feature is the bottom of the continuous uplift, as well as the top of the continuous improvement, and each retracement is not broken before the low – showing a typical bull trend. If the superposition of macroscopic analysis, domestic inflation pressure is still controllable, relaxed space remains monetary policy, and the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again cool, futures fully adjusted up the middle period. Yesterday, the three stock index futures contracts each month all received red, of which IF1609 contract closed at 3259.8 points, up 21.4 points, or 0.66%; IC1609 contract closed at 6330.8 points, up 52.4 points, or 0.83%; IH1609 contract closed at 2187.2 points, up 12 points, or 0.55%. But so long vigilance is the IF, IC and IH three all varieties of shrinkage to 17466 hands, 14320 hands and 7149 hands. Volume has shrunk dramatically, showing lack of popularity, the market may be repeated in the short term." Above market participants said. Liang Yang received a hard or short-term shock surface observation, yesterday has become the main IC1610 contract rose nearly 1%, but the discount is still more obvious. IF, IH, IC10 respectively for the month contract premium 49 points, 17 points and 120 points. But investor futures that short-term stock index futures cash basis is expected to converge, the futures price is expected to rise and close to the spot. The agency believes that, from the spot market, stock index rebounded momentum beyond the 60 day moving average, the air volume in the last week after sustained pressure, is gradually consumed, this has to a certain extent, given the long counterattack. But the 60 day moving average pressure has been formed, and produced early 40 points upward interval pressure should not be underestimated. Get enough amount of support in the case of the Bulls failed to, futures and stock index rebounded sharply in the short-term is relatively large. On Thursday, the Fed’s interest rate results, or will become an important node before the bulls strong. The Milky Way futures analyst Yang Shoutao said yesterday, the stock index rebound in shrinking, back into the line, volume shrinking dramatically, the lack of popularity, Bankuailundong faster, the future market may have repeated efforts need attention adjustment, and adjust the way. If the downward adjustment to the space for time, then it may test the early lows; if the time for space, the market outlook will enter a long finishing stage, which is the biggest uncertainty. Operation on the stock index half line support. Data to the center of the line, but there is a rally, but the fundamentals have come to make long pleased news. Data show that after a long period of low volatility, in August the scale of industrial added value growth over the last year, there has been a rebound signal. At the same time, other macroeconomic data have also picked up. Changjiang futures analyst Hu Xinxin believes that the data show that with the deepening of the reform of the supply side, as well as structural adjustment to accelerate the emergence of macroeconomic stabilization clues. August CPI data released earlier in September appeared on相关的主题文章: