The new Ford maverick across the China 72 hours battles won

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The new Ford maverick "across the Chinese 72 hours" battles victory more challenges more extraordinary new Ford maverick "across the Chinese 72 hours" battles victory lasted 72 hours, with the courage to open as much as possible; through 9 provinces, to explore the courage to challenge the harsh rutting measurement; traffic and environment, with the strength to break through hardships and dangers; long distance running 5200 kilometers. To adhere to the challenge of writing legend. The new Ford maverick "across the China 72 hour limit challenge, departure from the mainland at Xinjiang Kashi, drove a route west to east across the Chinese mainland territory, in September 8th, arrived at the eastern end of Shanghai city. Following the 2015 creation of "Chinese runs through the 72 hours of uninterrupted driving record, once again successfully challenged the feat of long-distance driving 72 hours, for the new Ford maverick Hwan new listing stage cheer. Star excellent departure at 6 p.m. on September 5th, Xinjiang Kashi departure station walls of the old city, the majesty of the guard of honor neatly lined up in front of the town, as the ancient ritual in the army farewell Sonata for the team to take the journey of the new Ford maverick cheer, morale. Famous sports entertainer Tian Liang attended the departure ceremony, and as a guest star organization and inspection of vehicles lined up, finally with his hands start dancing flag, the new Ford maverick team officially departed, the ultimate journey on China across 72 hours, all the way East.   new Ford maverick team fully equipped for new Ford maverick Chinese across 72 hours "free ride" wing "to start before the entire 72 hours, 5200 km journey, doomed extraordinary. The new Ford maverick team across the vast desert, mountains, hills and other over rugged terrain, with gravel, road, dirt road, highway and other complex road conditions along the way and the baptism of extreme natural dust storms, fog and other wind invasion, with excellent quality and excellent product strength and durability of the vehicle. To overcome every hardships and dangers, "wing" go without the former, a way to create a wonderful. After nearly 1200 km long distance running after the team arrived at the private route in Kumish "in September 6th". Here, the intelligent four-wheel drive system of new Ford maverick’s show a strong performance, whether it is gravel road, or ramp, can not stop the pace of the new Ford maverick, drove to the East. With the upgrade of the 2 liter EcoBoost® surging power double vortex turbocharged engine from the new Ford team in Ningxia to escape a free ride back Shapotou Kowloon Bay winding road, uphill, acceleration capability. At the same time, bend torsion intelligent distribution system and the system of anti roll stability and blessings, so that the new Ford maverick can also take time for Kowloon Bay in the face of rugged corners, confident the corner, the way forward without fear. At this point, the team’s total mileage has exceeded 3100 km, the trip takes about 38 hours.             private line challenge;   new Ford maverick team new Ford gallop through the new Ford maverick. Maverick jiulongwan!相关的主题文章: