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[old] the driver said the car accident does not suffer the old driver taught you submitted to the insurance Sohu car driving, inevitably rub the collision accident, many novice and female drivers encounter this kind of situation is panic, some owners fear, do not know how to do; some confused, worry about suffer, and the other a big fight. In fact, as long as know the normal process of dealing with accidents will not panic, according to the process step by step, Lu Yu small accident wasn’t so terrible! 1, stop immediately after the accident, or suspected traffic accident, it shall immediately stop and open the double flash. Because whether or not immediately involved in the identification of accident responsibility. After the occurrence of the accident did not immediately stop, was not responsible for the accident or only a minor responsibility for the accident, there may be identified as a heavier responsibility for the accident, more serious may be identified as a hit and run. 2, according to the provisions of the warning signs to stop the safety measures can be taken to prevent the occurrence of the two accident. Drivers to take safety measures to protect the right to stop, the responsibility for the identification of the two accident is critical. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the warning signs to set the distance requirements of the car to the direction of 50 meters to 100 meters; highway requirements in the range of 150 meters. 3, confirm the driver, check the condition, the exchange of documents copy should first confirm each other drivers who have drunk driving, and the driver to take pictures, if found to have drunk driving case, shall immediately report to the police; secondly, to confirm whether the other person with license and driver’s license has been off the trial, and check whether the vehicle through inspection no, have to pay high insurance or commercial insurance, if there is abnormal, should first confirm the situation in alarm; no abnormal, and the other exchange driving license copy and exchange contact information. 4, report, and photo telephone notify the insurance company the insurance company if there is a car accident, reconnaissance will come to the scene in the vicinity, if no field reconnaissance in the vicinity, to the owners of their photos and records: first, 2: take a position in front of the vehicle after each take a key sign and marking method: take the wheels: you can stand in the front and rear of the vehicle, take pictures, make cars accounted for 34 in your screen size, and pay attention to the traffic markings on both sides of the vehicle to shoot down, in order to determine the specific location of the traffic police vehicle. Third: collision point, close to the camera, the location of the impact of a clear and accurate shooting, if the collision area is large, you can take a few more. Key: exclude the depth and area of collision, rub the length, in order to understand traffic collision and rub degree. The fourth: shoot side, this photo shoot the whole body to focus on: leave the reference object, photographed the surrounding shops, road signs, etc.. Fifth: take the wheel, walked to the side of the car, the car parking position key wheel shot: Chalk bricks or marking the four wheels when parking location will mark down and restore the site so as to avoid disputes, ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. Sixth: take the brake marks, went to the body after the vehicle shooting. Focus: one.相关的主题文章: