The policy deadline is approaching non Beijing network driver about quitting is getting stronger jinshen

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The policy deadline is approaching non Beijing Network about car drivers tuiyi net car about everyone is "Jungle" era will soon become the past. The network about the new car formally implemented in November 1st, although Beijing local policy no landing, but in Beijing, foreign nationals of non Beijing license plate net about car drivers, exit will become more obvious, Beijing city network about cars "Beijing Beijing car", become the most about network driver insurmountable threshold. At the same time, the network platform about car subsidies continue to decline, sparked this non Beijing driver out of the tide. "Non Beijing people" from the Beijing Daily reporter recently interviewed the network platform about car drivers that do not meet the provisions of the part of the driver is planning to quit, some drivers have to uninstall software at the beginning of October, another line of work. The car driver drops Money Master of the Beijing Daily reporter said, before he has been in the subway station near the temple. "Pull the black live", since the emergence of drops, excellent step network about car platform, car drivers in the subway "live down" business is difficult to do. In the help of friends, money master in May this year to download the drops, easy to, excellent step, App began to do about car network. "Beijing from the current market situation, non Beijing drivers will not open network about cars. I quit the network in early October about car platform, to find a new job. Net car is now about to deduct fuel costs, vehicle wear and maintenance costs, almost no money." Money master added. In addition to the field of household registration network about driver fled the car platform, Beijing local residence of the driver is also considering the farewell network about car industry, Beijing driver master Zhao of Beijing Daily reporter said, taking into account the Beijing road traffic congestion, the network about new car restrictions on the household registration and vehicle brands is reasonable and necessary. However, master Zhao still plans to withdraw from the network about the car market, household registration and license plate is not a problem, the most important is the vehicle may need to change at the same time to post operation qualification unified logo, I do net about the vehicle has been a part-time state, do I not meet". Master Zhao said. Home garden homes in November 1st, Ms. Qin told Beijing Daily reporter also said that the network about cars has become a habit, and drops, step, China, company and other software are in use, however, from the beginning of the end of 9, the field plate platform is easy to network about the car seems to have reduced. There are about the network car driver had revealed to me that, in order to deal with the network about the new deal, the platform is stepping up the removal of foreign license plate network about the car." Ms. Qin said. Although many network undercurrents about car drivers have wished, but the Beijing Daily reporter has not been easy to travel from drops, and other aspects of access to official data, but it is behind the undercurrent. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, whether it is about the car network platform or car rental companies, have begun to make restrictions on the field of car license plate about the network. Didi express driver master Hu said that the platform is currently implemented as a priority to send a single fleet fleet measures, non self and foreign license plate of the car is not a priority network. It is reported that after the Guangzhou market, there have been more than a network of about the vehicle platform to clean up the field of the collective license plate network about the car. However, in the Beijing market, the net about the first day of the implementation of the new deal, the field license plate can still run a single. At the same time, the Beijing Daily reporter in November 2 daily相关的主题文章: